Tuesday, April 23, 2013


having someone in town with as much energy as you makes you feel like this:

 photo 490a2068-9d59-4d5c-98dc-171ecb78c559_zps8ca56db5.jpg
my mom was in town last weekend from the time i got home from boston (thursday night, before all the craziness happened on friday!) almost until i came back today.  the weekend was full of shopping, eating good food, walking all over manhattan, getting mini-makeup-makeovers, lots of laughter, sleeping in, taking lots of pictures... and it all flew by too fast, of course.
this whole having her visit only once a year thing is not enough, i wish ohio wasn't so far away!!
still tired from the exhausting weekend, but it was all worth it :)
p.s. you can thank mr p for snagging this ridiculous shot.  sad thing is this picture is from thursday night, BEFORE we did anything exhausting!

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