Friday, November 2, 2012

lesson learned: bottle blonde is a bad idea

....unless you go to a stylist.

lesson finally learned:
NEVER EVER do the box bleach blonde dyes from the store.

after paying what seemed like a lot of money to get my hair done at balance salon in jersey city, i realize that leaving it to the professionals is the ONLY way to do it (and those girls are GOOD)

about a month ago (maybe more?) my roots were SUPER long, and i decided to try a box of bleach blonde again.  and again it turned bright crayon/highlighter yellow.  so, i tried to fixed it!  i turned to my trusty emergency box of hair dye that's a light brown.  it turned my hair gray at best.  so, brace yourself , i went for another box.  dark brown this time.  it worked!  but...


(i suppose dying it 3 times in 1 day will do that to it... but i HAD to.  i would have had to take a sick day if i didn't do it... i couldn't go to work like that...)

so, the consequences, you ask?

dry, brittle, lifeless, dull hair that i was afraid to brush through, let alone style or blow-dry.

that was over a month ago, and now it's not so bad.  it's getting healthier, especially now that i have started using Organix Anti-Breakage Serum, made of mostly cocnonut oil!! (or coconut milk? something like that)   i really thought that it would just make my hair greasy and gross since it's so thin and fine, but actually it makes it look normal instead of a frizz mess at the ends.


so, on a good hair day, i decided to show it off!
i have myself a good stylist too, huh?
(mr p cuts my hair :P)

yikes.... i cleaned the mirror IMMEDIATELY after this! it looks like a frat house bathroom in these pictures!! lol

what do you think of the color? it's ALMOST my natural color, and i think i'm gonna try to stick with it!  i'm done with the super blonde and very brown.  i think this color is best :)

have you made any big hair changes lately!?  tell me about it!



Green Tree Boutique said...

I think it looks nice :)

Laura Darling said...

The color is so cute and I LOVE the cut!

jenn @ beyond the stoop said...

thanks! surely beats paying $60 every 6 weeks or whatever it costs at the salons around here!

Libby A. said...

Your hair looks great! So funny, I was soooo close to buying box color last night and talked myself out of it...thinking of going a natural red?! We'll see.