Thursday, November 1, 2012

what matters in the time of need

for those of you not affected by hurricane sandy, i'm sure you're sick of hearing about it by now.  you may be thinking that there's too much hype on the news....

but, for every second that some people are getting their lives back to normal, some people are enduring more severe conditions. 
food is getting scarce for some.
clean water is getting scarce for some.
gas is getting scarce for EVERYONE.
store owners are getting basically attacked by looters, especially pharmacies.
temperatures are dropping.
clean, warm clothes will begin to be an issue.
people are being exposed to toxic gas leaks and raw sewage.
homes, businesses, and entire communities were destroyed.
millions are without power, water, and gas.
millions have no access to work, even if they do have power.

despite all the chaos... i'm not going to hide it, after all the devastation,
  even i was thinking about what will happen on election day
i'm a democrat, my governor is a republican.
i think we ALL know that democrats and republicans typically don't agree on most issues.

however, governor christie made me proud yesterday after seeing this clip on both The Daily Show AND The Colbert Report:

he's right.  if democrats and republicans can't agree on anything else, they should agree that we need to get our people to safety and recovery before we even think about elections.  life needs to return to normal first.

so, even if you are far away, even if you do or don't care about elections... if you have an ounce of sorrow for those who have suffered with the effects of hurricane sandy, please try to find a way to help:

Donate to the American Red Cross here.

10 Tips from the Huffington Post for donating smart.

CNN's "How to help after the superstorm"

we are currently hosting our friend who lived on a first-floor apartment in hoboken, left before the storm to evacuate, and now is not permitted to return home due to unsafe conditions.  thankfully she got out and is safe, and we can only hope that the worst of her worries is the spoiling food in her fridge and freezer.  we do know that her street got flooded, but we all pray that her belongings are safe!  only time will tell....

we're also one of the few homes in the area with power, water, and gas, and we open our doors to all of our friends to take a hot shower or have a warm place to sleep.

it's the least we can do in such a disasterous situation!

cheers, to hoping things return to normal for EVERYONE as soon as possible!


Jo Dhesi said...

I have amazing friends :)

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

Thinking about everyone ... including you. Glad to know you're safe and sound. And eating rice and fried eggs. :)