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Thursday, January 1, 2015

let's start.

 photo IMG_5301.jpg

i'm sitting in my living room writing this, quiet with the only sound being the crackling of a wood wick candle, in my robe, feet propped up on our newly-reupholstered ottoman, my husband napping beside me, hot coffee at my fingertips, the sun shining in from all directions… and i wouldn't ask for anything more right now.

2014 brought us many good memories, shoving our engagement, the purchase of our first home, and our wedding all in the same year.  we took the first phan family trip to dc, we celebrated with so many friends who got married, and we made more new friends in jersey city than we can count.

of course we had our downs too, but if we focus on the downs then we will perpetually be unhappy.  instead of focusing on losing loved ones, we celebrate the good times we had with them.  instead of regretting the things we didn't do, we find ways to make up the things we didn't do and be thankful for the things we did.

our lives are just that… ours.  we have to take control of it and make the best of it, to always be working towards something better, to always set goals, to dream bigger.

as cliche as it sounds, the new year (and any other time of the year) is a great time to reflect on your past, and learn from mistakes, learn from triumph, learn from experiences, and to try to be a better person.

2015 is going to be a great year.  in the words of my husband "you just have to WILL it to happen."

cheers, and happy new year.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

the little things: a sammich and a sweet

in january we lost one of the nicest, kindest people i know.
everyone who knew him would say the same thing.

...and today would have been his 29th birthday.
from the big heart of his mom, at least 29 random acts of kindness we carried out in his honor.

each day i walk through the streets of new york city, whether it's 5:45am and i'm racing to catch my train to boston, or it's friday night rush hour, i see homeless people everywhere.  sleeping at a storefront,   walking through the warm halls of penn station, i even saw one man this past monday who had a stroller stacked to the brim of belongings NOT belonging to a baby.  i wanted to be mad at him, thinking he probably stole it.  but i couldn't stay mad, because that's all he had.  moms who have it all push full strollers around the city with big smiles on their faces, then bring them back home where they may have even more strollers.  but for this man, the stroller WAS his home.

tonight i decided to go to whole foods, pick up a nutritious sammich (and a justin's peanut butter cup because everyone loves something sweet), walked out of the store destined to give the brown bag of goodies to the first homeless person i saw.  this is the wealthiest neighborhood in boston.  although i kept my eyes peeled, i expected to walk at least a mile to the park (the only place i have EVER seen anyone who looked homeless in boston).

little did i know, though i only had to walk about 3 blocks before finding an elderly aftrican american woman asking for change in a cup.

she totally caught me off guard, but before i had a chance to think "how about a sammich instead" burst out of my mouth.

a genuine "thank you" and her open arms for a hug put a big 'old lump in my throat.
a hug and a "have a good night" later and my job was complete.

maybe you think that buying a sammich for a homeless person is cliche (walking through the store trying to find a good sammich felt like it too, but i couldn't think of something more creative). but lemme tell you, i didn't feel an ounce of cliche after doing it...

i can't think of a better way to remember tyson, by doing something that makes me feel good inside :)

see you on the flip side, tyson! 
and happy birthday.


Saturday, March 30, 2013

the little things: perfect imperfection

 photo 06db5c72-02db-45c6-9cc1-70d3718a1487_zpsb534ab1f.jpg

so many imperfections.
there are many things i could change.

but gosh... i love my house.  and being home. it's perfect to me.

cheers to a sunny saturday

Friday, October 12, 2012

the little things: just a fountain

it's iconic.
it's a tourist attraction.
it's just something to pass while cutting through the park on the way to work.

for us, swann memorial fountain was just a passing site on the walk "home" after brunch while visiting friends in philly...

sometimes you take things for granted walking around these great cities... they have beautiful landmarks, art, and architecture.. all piecing together a story, marking their place in history.

and sometimes, things like this need a little bit of extra love and attention...
we love you, philly. 
we'll be back again soon :)


p.s. remember the turtle!??

...and sometimes we abuse these beautiful things.  whoops. sorry turtle...

Monday, October 8, 2012

the little things: unexpected fall flowers

last weekend was unseasonably warm, the sun shining and the temperature hot enough to create those little bubbles of nose sweat as we walked through the city streets.

sunday was a different story though, cold, rainy, and dreary (a fail to get out of your pj's kind of day).  we hosted friends this weekend, and on our way back from brunch at the brownstone diner, our stroll through van vorst park led us to the last hint of summer with these bright white pretties, just as the rain stopped! mr p picked it himself ;)

now i'm ready to enjoy the fall foliage and stoop decorations ( because we all know why i won't be decorating OUR stoop )


Thursday, September 27, 2012

the little things: this is the life

scene #1:
mr p and i lounging on the couch

he's got his computer out perusing video game stuff
(probably watching videos of video games... i just don't get it, but it seems to fully entertain him, i guess that's all that matters)

i've got a hot plate of freshly roasted red onions
(my new favorite snack that i will only eat at home when nobody but mr p and i are there)

the tv is turned onto a new show on the food network about eating out on the cheap
(it was featuring cleveland! so we couldn't resist)

i begin eating the onions with chopsticks, feeding one to myself, and one to mr p
(you don't need to tell us how awkward and weird we are, we already know)

mr p nonchalantly says:
"you know... this is the life"
"what? sitting on the couch having your girlfriend feed you onions"
"well.. yeah.  all of this, relaxing, doing nothing really."
"yeah... i guess it is!"

scene #2:

i'm in the shower

mr p is in the bathroom shaving or something...

mr p wanted to listen to a particular song
when it was over, i ask him to play something else

"what do you want to listen to?"
"anything you want"

next thing i know... taylor swift takes over the bathroom...

then... mr p is singing louder than her, belting out ALL the words
(now i know who he listens to on his train rides in the mornings :P)

"no, babe, THIS is the life.... you serenading taylor swift to me while i take a hot shower"

our friends tell us that we can never break up because we are so weird with each other.

...i guess they are right ;)


p.s. on another note, who does he think he is, coming home from LA bringing me candy corn m&m's and candy corn oreos!?

he KNOWS they will last an insanely short amount of time in our apartment... bring on the sugar highs, because i can't resist eating them!! he came home sunday and the bag of m&m's are almost gone and i'm about to dig into the oreos... good thing we've eaten healthy otherwise and have gone to kickboxing 3 times this week!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

the little things: grow, babies, grow

i'm pretty sure that mr p is tired of me talking about my tomatoes.
(maybe you are too, but still)

but this is the first time i've grown REAL food on my OWN .

many , many failed attempts at growing herbs indoors led me to think the only plants i could keep alive were my trusty philodendrons, but i was bound and determined to grow tomatoes!! i just wanted something that would produce something .  something to keep me satisfied, for a while at least.

stay tuned... we should have some red juicies soon :D
(and delicious recipes to use them too!  ...because i have a sneaky feeling that they are all going to be ripe at once...)


Saturday, March 31, 2012

the little things: uncharted.

sara bareilles... your video just made my day .  

actually, my week.

so... thanks :D

(and thanks to Pharrell Williams, Josh Groban, Ingrid Michaelson, Adam Levine, Ben Folds, Vanessa Carlton, Jennifer Nettles, and the rest of you who made fun and quirky cameos, too!) 


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

the little things: oh hello spring.

if the recent 70-degree-and-sunny weather isn't enough to say hello to this wonderful 2012 spring, take a gander out our back window...

thanks, neighbors, for planting your blooming pink tree at the edge of your property so we get to enjoy half of it too!!

(we won't be thanking you when all those blooms fall to the ground and get all gross in a week or so, but still, we are totally enjoying it now... even MR P mentioned how pretty it looked today, and he's a BOY!)


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

the little things: volume 5

is that a cassette ?
wtf can you do with a cassette these days?

the answer: no.  

that is  not a cassette.
that's my new iphone case .
(and that's new girl in the background, getting caught up on the last few episodes via hulu)

i was nice to a stranger at the laundromat.  
i smiled and said excuse me.

then that large hispanic man with a greasy ponytail and sweatpants said:
"here, let me do you a favor"
he handed me a cassette-shaped iphone case.
"thank you! are you sure?"
"girl, you can't go around with a naked iphone, are you crazy??"
"i know! i dropped it so many times i can't believe i didn't break it already, but really are you sure? thanks so much!"
"yeah, i tried selling them for $5 a pop and i already got my money's worth and i just wanna get rid of them."

little did he know i was about to purchase this super cute case for $35.

so... my charm and smile saved me $35!! 

and thanks again, mr hispanic man with a ponytail wearing sweatpants!!


Monday, February 6, 2012

the little things: volume 4

some people need motivation from a drill sergeant bootcamp instructor

some people need motivation from not being able to squeeze into their skinny jeans anymore

some people need motivation from just stumbling across that itty bitty bikini tucked far far FAR away in their dresser

for me... this does it.

and this is why i love my cheap, grungy, no frills, guido-filled gym

...the daily chalkboard and its corny, usually hilarious-but-totally-politically-incorrect sayings that make you feel quilty for not donating your time and sweat while you munched on cookies, beer, and buffalo chicken dip while watching the super bowl instead.

... IN your stretchy pants.

it's the little things.


Friday, January 13, 2012

the little things: volume 3

some days... when i'm sitting in the office.... having a fight with my old friend Dynamics....

....i close my eyes... give myself a nice temple massage ...and remember that i will come home to this stylin' cutie patootie....

and everything turns to sunshine again :D

(to get all mushy gushy for ya)

cheers to a great weekend ahead!

(future Mr P talking here: "Oh babe... it's the little things....")

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

the little things: volume 1

The weather around here has been so dreary... rainy... dark...

Mr P says to me this morning in his usual groggy morning voice:

"Why does it have to be so dark outside?"
"I think it's raining"
"Can we just stay home today, and not go to work?"
"Sometimes I wish I had the guts to play hookie, but no."

When you live in a city and it rains, it's like the whole world stops.  Who wants to walk outside in the rain anyways?  We avoid it at all costs, snuggle up in a blanket, and watch movies like "When Harry Met Sally" or reruns of "Friends."

Last night I trekked through the rain to get to the gym.  On the corner of Bay and Erie in Jersey City there's this painting.... I notice it every time I walk past this intersection, nothing really special about it, but it always seems to cheer me up a bit, even if I'm already in a good mood... and even when it's cold and rainy outside... Mr P routinely says to me, it's the little things that make me smile :D