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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

reduce reuse recycle

 photo clawfoottubflowerbed.jpg

just a friendly reminder of how precious this fragile world of ours is, and that finding clever ways to reduce your consumption, reuse goods and packaging, and recycle everything you can make a bigger impact that you will ever know...

bouquets and baskets flower shop has two of these beauties lining their corner store front, and i'm in love with them!  instead of sending that big chunk of metal to the scrap yard, junk yard, or worse, the landfill, these claw foot tubs were recycled and repurposed for a beautiful, fitting-for-the-brownstone-filled-neighborhood sidewalk garden (that dogs CAN'T relieve themselves in and kill the flowers).  and hey, it makes the neighborhood pretty too and gives someone a reason to smile when they walk past :)


Monday, October 8, 2012

the little things: unexpected fall flowers

last weekend was unseasonably warm, the sun shining and the temperature hot enough to create those little bubbles of nose sweat as we walked through the city streets.

sunday was a different story though, cold, rainy, and dreary (a fail to get out of your pj's kind of day).  we hosted friends this weekend, and on our way back from brunch at the brownstone diner, our stroll through van vorst park led us to the last hint of summer with these bright white pretties, just as the rain stopped! mr p picked it himself ;)

now i'm ready to enjoy the fall foliage and stoop decorations ( because we all know why i won't be decorating OUR stoop )