Thursday, November 3, 2011

Goodbye, pretty fall plants

I was soo excited this year when fall came around because I could put out mums on our huge stoop!  I had this vision of Mr P and I having a cute picture sitting on the stoop with the falling leaves from our tree-lined street and  blooming mums with kale and cabbage on our side (super corny, but that's what I wanted).  Though, after only having the plants for a few days, the first one got stolen.  The yellow one.  It wasn't even blooming yet so I didn't get a chance for a photo op!!  It was the only one with a bright pop of color.  Our stoop is a deep red color, and so is the other mum, so it just blends in.  I think this is where I left off. 

Now, we only have 1 mum and no greens.  1 out of 4 plants.  Who does that??  And, after our horrible snow last weekend and the continuing cold weather, all of the blooms on the last remaining mum are bad.  No corny-cute stoop picture anymore... boo.

I guess next year I will have to get real pots to put them in... seems like that's the trick.  I haven't noticed any get stolen that are in real pots and not just the plastic liner-like pots that I left mine in... (sigh).  Maybe I will put my name on the bottom of the pot or something so if they steal it and I see it somewhere, I can take it back, with a nice little note saying how they are idiots for stealing my pretty stuff and I hope they rot in hell I simply took back what is mine and I appreciate that they thought it looked pretty enough to put on their stoop.

Next year, friends, next year will be different!!!


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Mrs.H said...

The stoop is a very important part of the Jersey City lifestyle.. My grandmother took great pride in brooming that very stoop! She'd love this story... then ask you what your nationality was! Haha! Have you guys gotten any of that from the neighborhood. She might have been the last of the old school people...