Thursday, September 27, 2012

the little things: this is the life

scene #1:
mr p and i lounging on the couch

he's got his computer out perusing video game stuff
(probably watching videos of video games... i just don't get it, but it seems to fully entertain him, i guess that's all that matters)

i've got a hot plate of freshly roasted red onions
(my new favorite snack that i will only eat at home when nobody but mr p and i are there)

the tv is turned onto a new show on the food network about eating out on the cheap
(it was featuring cleveland! so we couldn't resist)

i begin eating the onions with chopsticks, feeding one to myself, and one to mr p
(you don't need to tell us how awkward and weird we are, we already know)

mr p nonchalantly says:
"you know... this is the life"
"what? sitting on the couch having your girlfriend feed you onions"
"well.. yeah.  all of this, relaxing, doing nothing really."
"yeah... i guess it is!"

scene #2:

i'm in the shower

mr p is in the bathroom shaving or something...

mr p wanted to listen to a particular song
when it was over, i ask him to play something else

"what do you want to listen to?"
"anything you want"

next thing i know... taylor swift takes over the bathroom...

then... mr p is singing louder than her, belting out ALL the words
(now i know who he listens to on his train rides in the mornings :P)

"no, babe, THIS is the life.... you serenading taylor swift to me while i take a hot shower"

our friends tell us that we can never break up because we are so weird with each other.

...i guess they are right ;)


p.s. on another note, who does he think he is, coming home from LA bringing me candy corn m&m's and candy corn oreos!?

he KNOWS they will last an insanely short amount of time in our apartment... bring on the sugar highs, because i can't resist eating them!! he came home sunday and the bag of m&m's are almost gone and i'm about to dig into the oreos... good thing we've eaten healthy otherwise and have gone to kickboxing 3 times this week!


Elizabeth said...

candy corn m&m's??? must get my hands on those...

Naptime Review said...

Stopping by Wiegands. Candy corn Oreos look awesome! Love for you to stop by and return the follow when you can.

Unknown said...

Mmmm, M&m's! And I see that you did the colour run? I'm so jealous! I don't know of any city in Canada that does it yet :(

Ladies Holiday said...

You totally did me in I knew about the M&Ms but not the oreos. Watch out Target, here I come! If you'd like to link up on the Photo Friday Blog Hop- you are welcome to add this or any other favorite post.. It's up all weekend. Enjoy! Cheers!

kaylynnczy said...

I'm afraid of both those treats - I might gag... are they good?

jenn @ beyond the stoop said...

update... m&m's: SO good. oreos: meh. don't really taste like candy corn, more just like vanilla oreos. i think i'll stick to regular candy corn for now on... nothing beats them!