Wednesday, July 11, 2012

the little things: grow, babies, grow

i'm pretty sure that mr p is tired of me talking about my tomatoes.
(maybe you are too, but still)

but this is the first time i've grown REAL food on my OWN .

many , many failed attempts at growing herbs indoors led me to think the only plants i could keep alive were my trusty philodendrons, but i was bound and determined to grow tomatoes!! i just wanted something that would produce something .  something to keep me satisfied, for a while at least.

stay tuned... we should have some red juicies soon :D
(and delicious recipes to use them too!  ...because i have a sneaky feeling that they are all going to be ripe at once...)



Lieke said...

Amazing project!!! Well done!

Stesha said...

oh wow!!! thats awesome, those tomatos are huge!!! good job!


Young at Heart said...