Wednesday, April 25, 2012

cross your fingers

though i have many MANY traits passed on to me from my mother, her green thumb was not one of them, as much as i wish it was .
(see my failed attempts at keeping kitchen herbs in our house tour here, and see what we did after the SECOND failed attempt here)

if it wasn't for mr p's fear of me creating a jungle out of our tiny apartment (ha, or a cheesy chinese restaurant, stringing philodendron vines all around), i WOULD totally create a jungle out of my apartment, probably half dead plants, half "children" from my philodendron i've sucessfully kept alive since my freshman year of college (now reduced to just 4 plants :P)

for the next week or so, our apartment will be just a wee bit jungle-y.  my mom and her green thumb helped me plant 2 tomato plants and 1 mint plant for the fire escape, but inclement weather says i should probably keep them inside a few more days.
we shall see how it goes!  i'm looking forward to some delicious, juicy , red tomatoes to eat right off the plant like i did when i was little :D   ...and looking forward to picking off just a few leaves of mint for lunch salads without having to buy a huge bunch (and inevitably throw half away)

it's a good starter garden, right?

do you plant a garden this year?
what are you growing?
i'd love to hear from you!


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