Friday, March 22, 2013

its hip to be square

 photo 1_zps4b1d3994.jpg  photo 2_zpsddf91cd1.jpg  photo 3_zps6d0c70e3.jpg  photo 4_zps1d06c04e.jpg  photo 5_zpsb518e68b.jpg \ photo 6_zps887f606c.jpg  photo 7_zps6d744f95.jpg  photo 8_zps81235791.jpg  photo 9_zps15161b2b.jpg  photo 10_zps832a28d5.jpg  photo 11_zps92475069.jpg  photo 12_zps451db7b6.jpg
1. 200 dumplings for a 10-person dinner party at our 450 sf apartment.  my kind of night :)
2. greeted with malley's chocolate when i got to chicago
3. donut vault. 'nuf said.
4. brunch at the peasantry
5. view from the new office in boston
6. finally a home-cooked meal after whilewind weeks eating out in boston and a food-coma-inducing weekend in chicago
7. love when friends come over with homemade boozy desserts in hand
8. reminiscing awesome coffee shops on broadway in lakeview
9. first time guinness EVER (note: mr p is truly a guinness lover, i might now know why!)
10. if i'm gonna be missing kickboxing while working in boston, i might as well work out, the gym's nice, free, and IN the building, no escuses.
11. potential future work location.  i could be rubbing elbows with the kennedys.
12. gotta love a good outlet-store outfit :)
cheers, everyone... it's FRIDAY!

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