Monday, March 18, 2013

unexpected hiatus

it's been so long since i've posted it feels weird...
here's the scoop, though.
as you know, i'm not your typical blogger.
i'm not a stay-at-home mom or wife, i'm not a teacher, i don't work in admin, i'm don't work in fashion, photography, or any other creative field. i'm an engineer, and i never JUST work 8-5.  though blogging is fun, and i truly enjoy doing it, work has just taken over lately. topics i write about rarely coincide with work, and because work takes 100% of my focus, sometimes it's hard to shift that focus to being creative (or at least push it into the non-nerd zone...).  normally i write or edit photos on my lunch break, it's nice to kick back and take a break from my normal engineer stuff (and hey, i don't get paid for lunch anyways, might as well take advantage of what's supposed to be free time)
right now, though, things are different. life is different. up until about the end of january, i worked 8-6ish, went to kickboxing with mr p every night we didn't have something else going on (like dinner with friends, happy hour, concerts, whatever we felt like doing) and although life was rather routine, i pretty much loved every second of it.  i normally got in a good workout, i normally saw my friends several times a week, mr p normally cooked a 5-star meal for me, i always got to snuggle with mr p at night, and i normally had time to blog.
now i'm getting up at 4am on mondays to catch the 5:29am train to manhattan (lets get real, i RUN to the train because i'm always running late) just so i can catch my 6:20am train to boston. i work long hours, sometimes skipping lunch or dinner just because i want to get as many work things done as possible, get back to my hotel at 9pm or 10pm, stay up late because i can't just fall askeep right away, get too little sleep, push through the week not going to kickboxing, eating out every meal because i'm staying in a hotel, pick up the afternoon train back to manhattan getting home by 8:30pm if i'm lucky.  most of all though, and, i'm missing mr p, my friends, and my life back in jersey city.
it's exhausting.
and i'm less than 2 months in. i've got a long haul to go. hopefully i will get a better grasp on how to better live this less-than-ideal life, but for now, all i can say is that it sort of sucks.  i realize that all successful people in the corporate world make some sacrifices.  i guess i can just be thankful that my time for making these sacrifices is before i have kids.  i'm thankful that i have a partner that, who obviously thinks it also sucks that i'm gone during the week, supports me and knows that taking this step in my career is a smart move.
(i know, all you hear is blah blah blah, life sucks, blach blah blah)
that's not entirely the case, i still see mr p and friends on the weekends, i still get to eat mr p's awesome food, and i still know how to have fun (my pounding head was reminding me of that on saturday morning) .....
 photo 2e557b90-b88a-46f8-8b5b-7ee34db87259_zps9053dc02.jpg
....including drinking my first guinness for st patrick's day (mr p was so proud :P)
it's all going to just take some getting-used-to...
the world's not ending....
and i'll make it through :)

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Leslie said...

I smiled at your list of "typical blogger". I thought there were bloggers of all sorts, even engineers! What a crazy schedule you have - and you are right, enjoy it while you can without kids. As a mom with 3 kids and I stay mostly at home, I envy you. Grass is always greener.