Thursday, February 21, 2013

lessons on a late night in liverpool

well if that doesn't sound like a panic at the disco song title...

1.  good food in the UK is like finding a needle in a haystack.

2.  most UK stations stop broadcasting at midnight and start up again at 6am.
(makes it tough to get through the sleepless nights adjusting to the time change)

3.  "mind the gap" is a real phrase... and it's officially become more annoying than the infamous deep male voice on NYC's subway trains saying "stand clear of the closing doors, please"

4.  hairdryers (and subsequently the outlets for the hairdryers) in hotels are located in the desk drawer.

5.  i hate spending nights away from mr p.

6.  there are NO fat people in london.

7.  you have to turn the outlet on before your computer (that may normally take a few tries to turn on) will turn on.

8.  i miss mr p.

9.  nobody checks the tickets on the virgin trains.  my ticket from london to liverpool was 75 pounds.

10.  the internet in hotels (that you have to pay extra for) is very, VERY slow... so sorry for the lack of posts these last few days, i'm lucky enough just to get something to type, let alone bring up anything cool like pictures (that i didn't take because this is a meeting-intensive business trip)

am i as cynical as the dreary UK weather entices yet?