Friday, February 15, 2013

what were YOU doing in the 4th grade?

remember that thing that happened to new jersey last year?
that thing that destroyed the coast?
that thing that took the homes of thousands of people?
that thing that flooded most of hoboken?
that thing that most of america watched on tv each night sitting in their comfy homes saying "oh my... that's TERRible" but soon forgot about as soon as the next breaking news happened...

 photo Peter-Coar-presents-the-Red-Cross-with-a-3335-check-222x300_zpsd98eb87d.jpg

well, this little one didn't forget about hurricane sandy.
he set out to raise money by selling bracelets.

BRACELETS , people!

he lives in jersey city in an area with high elevation, so no house-destroying happened in his neck of the woods. but what he saw on tv moved him. he wanted to help.  but, how does a 4th grader help? he went to the street and worked his butt off selling $5 bracelets. a facebook page might have helped too.

jersey city independent recently reported his story, stating he has raised $3,335!
then donated it to the american red cross

he deserves a big pat on the back, don'tcha think?

cheers to the weekend!

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Marcia L said...

I like, I like, I LIKE!!!! Great article.