Saturday, May 26, 2012

teary-eyed in the laundromat

thanks to the daybook for making me cry in the laundromat .  though, tears of happiness of course!  watch this video, then i dare you to tell me you didn't at least get a lump in the throat!!

i deem it best proposal ever.

yep, EVER . least i don't know this guy...

...and at least i look cute, rocking the red with tiny white polka dots ;)  
(don't you think summertime dresses are the best???)

can't wait for our guests to arrive tomorrow!! it will (sort of) be the FIRST time some of mr p's family come to stay with us!! (for more than one night, crashing after a SUPER FUN night of hoboken madness)  so today its a cleaning fest until we head over to the newly-opened SAGE (check them out on facebook here) in brooklyn!!

(wait, you're in JERSEY and you didn't go to the beach on MDW ??)
just wait... that's still to come too :P



Melissa said...

That just ruined every future proposal ever. I'll admit I was like "What cheesiness is this?!" when it started, and then I cried hysterically. So cute!

Unknown said...

Awwww! So nice. The polka dots are very cute indeed.

Dana Fox said...

TOTALLY teared up too. i loveee this proposal so much!
xo dana

jrhottle said...

definitely the best proposal ever... except the finish! i was expecting a grand motorcycle-entry or something of the like! still very cool though!

dreaming en francais said...

I totally watched the same video on The Daybook, too... and it totally got me teary-eyed. So cute! xo