Saturday, June 2, 2012

memorial day weekend... finally!

this week has been a pretty busy/crazy one (see here), but i finally have time to share memorial day weekend fun!  

we had visitors, the first REAL visitors from mr p's family, but they didn't get here until sunday, so we had a few days to relax before the tourist-ness began!

started off the day with some dames coffee and a croissant

next up, mutz and tomatoes :D

spent the evening at SAGE! ...a new thai restaurant/bar in williamsburg, brooklyn (our friend is the owner, so we had to try it... we will DEFINITELY be back!! such a great time :D)

after a crazy, music-filled cleaning session sunday morning, louie and rena arrived!!  they left at midnight after working an entire saturday, drove through the night, then played tourist on sunday.  troopers i tell ya, troopers.

first stop: wall street! 

(NYSE building)

ladies at the NYSE

pit stop at crumbs for a cupcake to share!

...before heading to battery park for a TINY view of the statue of liberty

next up: chinatown! ...and an intro to our favorite munchies spot, fried dumpling (yep, that's the name, haha)

...because you can't beat 5 dumplings for $1!  

banh mi to share (only 1 bite for me... someone LOADED it with way too much siracha!!  silly boys and their infinite spiciness tolerances..)

we pooped out early, and woke up early for a delicious mr-p-made breakfast of cinnamon challah french toast before heading out for the beach!

nothing better than riding to the beach with the top down :D

made it to the beach!  floppy hat and all.

they were in love with the beach.  ohio just isn't the same.

we came home early, and walked to the pier at exchange place before heading to hoboken for BIGGIE'S!

the pier has a breath-taking view of lower manhattan.
(just look at those cuties...)

i think we ordered every seafood item on the menu, for 6 to share... definitely not complaining though!  this seafood salad totally hit the spot.

so many oysters...


roasted clams.

we called it an early night, had to work the next day, but spent our last night with louie and rena grilling steak and asparagus :D

and wrapped it all in lettuce wraps!

then dunked it in louie's famous jeow (ahhh so spicy! but SO good)

it was so nice to have family here for a long visit, we didn't want to see them leave!!

(miss you guys already!!)

who's next?? our door is always open :D

(and happy "late" memorial day...)

ps... stay tuned.. in the next couple of days i will have some REALLY cool stuff to show you that i have the privilege of being involved with at work.  here's a sneak peak though...

pss... if you came here from living in yellow, thanks for stopping by!  follow me and stay a while :D


The Tiny Team said...

OH MY GOSH! I am going to go eat now that i am so hungry! All that food looked amazing!


Okie in Jersey said...

Just getting caught up on some old posts. Have to say that Biggies is one of FAVE spots! YUM! Now I have to drag my MR. to get some of those dumplings!