Friday, April 27, 2012

the day job

it's days like this that i love my job.

if you haven't heard already, the space shuttle enterprise landed at JFK airport today, to be lifted onto the intrepid aircraft carrier museum in manhattan in about a month or so.  there were a couple thousand people invited to attend the special event today at JFK, and my boss and i were allowed to come!

not VIP, but still fun.

here it comes!

...and there it goes

i "think" it "might" have been live on TV today


cheesy "i'm standing in front of a space shuttle" kodak moment

yep! that's mr spock from star trek!  leonard nimoy!
fun fact of the day:
they named the space shuttle "enterprise" only after the star trek cast and crew BEGGED the government to change it from the original name of "constitution"

what a day... can't wait to see when it gets lifted onto the intrepid!!

happy weekend :D


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