Tuesday, May 1, 2012

the little things: kitty for the weekend

(a bit cheesy, but seriously... this little one is TINY !)

i want it to go down on record that mr p WANTED to bring an animal in our house, and let it roam as it pleased. 

our neighbor upstairs asked us to watch her new kitten (rescued literally from the middle of the street) for the long weekend while she went to puerto rico (lucky duck!)  i knew this would be no problem for me, it was mr p i was worried about!  not worried, per se, i just figured i would have to do all of the kitty-duties all weekend. 

much to my surprise, after the first night, mr p felt bad about leaving it downstairs in the cage, and said we should bring it upstairs to OUR apartment!! yayaya  and he did all the drops in the ears, and even cleaned the litter pan once (i wasn't home, and it smelled SO bad, so i've heard)... so we split the kitty duties pretty much down the middle!

looking a little rough, only a few days off the street...

making herself at home

the kitty has been exploring and playing in our apartment all weekend until tonight, where she has to stay in the cage downstairs again until tonight when our neighbor gets home.

in true kitten form... attacking the polka-dots on the pillow.

so sad... i can't wait until we get a kitty someday!!

what are your thoughts on animals in tiny apartments??


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Darlene said...

So adorable! As for pets in a small apartment, I had 3 cats in my 400 sq ft studio for two years. It was an accident because the third cat was meant to be adopted out, but I ended up falling in love with her and keeping her. The cats did fine in the small space.