Wednesday, August 1, 2012

while in denver.....

highlights of my trip to denver that's kept me from writing the past MANY days:

1. i got to see 4 of my best friends from high school (katie, nicole, ashleigh, and megan )
2. we drank local brew from wynkoop brewery
3. we hiked mount sanitas on the mount sanitas loop trail
4. we meandered down pearl st in boulder and ate lunch at mountain sun pub and brewery   (there's LOTS of beer-making going on in colorado...)
5. we ate a healthy/snacky dinner in (well... healthy when you don't consider the 3 bottles of wine and bottle of vodka that were also consumed)
6. we ate breakfast at snooze eatery
7. we rode bike share bikes all day, hitting up south pearl st, denver along the way
8. we drank margaritas and ate tacos in cherry creek at margs
9. we got froyo at yogurt guru

....and we didn't eat the ENTIRE time... even though it looks like it. 

the weekend was full of fun and laughter, just like the good old days of high school.

it's funny how some things change (we're all in different cities across the US) and some stay the same (it felt like we just picked up where we all left off after leaving home for the real world)

looking forward to seeing them all next year!  hopefully this time crashing at my house instead of katie's!? perhaps?  i could go for a nice weekend in DC or columbus too though. or toledo.  just as long as we all get to see each other again :D



dreaming en francais said...

It's safe to say this post just made me crave some good food. And beer. And it's barely 11 AM! But really, honey curry hummus and eggs benedict? Yum

Considerations said...

Looks like an awesome place to visit and looking through all your food pics just made me salivate!

Breakfast at the Zemke's said...

Oh my, I love SNOOZE! So delicious, every time I visit Denver I make this place a priority! Have you tried the Reeses Pancakes? Mind blowing!

Lieke said...

Looks amazing! Your posts always make me so hungry.

osmr said...

It has been so much fun to see your trip through your eyes! You guys made all of us here in VW miss you all! Thanks for sharing; I will smile for a while now.