Friday, August 3, 2012


...and i thought  THIS DAY was bad.. when mr p did NOT let me bring a kitten home from our trip to toledo ...

.....wednesday was worse .

i had heard a cat meowing outside since i came back from denver , but mr p insisted everything was fine and it was just a cat.  i let it go until right before going to bed on tuesday night.  outside i found a whole litter of kittens alone in the back yard. barely able to walk, i just thought they were too small.  one didnt even have its eyes open yet!!  i figured the mama just ran away when i opened the back door, so i went back upstairs.

before work wednesday i still heard them, but didn't have time to go check again.  after work i didn't hear anything. so i went down to see what was wrong.  i came down to 2 that didn't make it (just lying limp, wet, and muddy, one on the sidewalk and one that got stuck in rocks and was too weak to escape) , and 2 REALLY struggling to even walk, crying for help. as soon as they heard a voice outside they began the crying and crawling towards me.  it was clear that they were not getting food, and had been abandoned.  they were muddy from the rain, and shivering from being wet.

i took them inside for food and to get dry.  they certainly did not know how to drink from a bowl yet, and all they wanted to do was snuggle up together in the nooks of where my legs met the floor... one crawled into my inner elbow and actually bit me, most likely thinking it was it's mama's belly... it was the  saddest thing ever (and cute and odd at the same time)

(crappiest iphone photo EVER!  but that's what i get, i suppose, for trying to take pictures in the dark)

i dried them off with a towel, my neighbor came down with a dropper and milk, and we tried feeding them. no luck, really.

they slept overnight in a box with a dry towel in the hallway of my building (no A.C. so they would stay warmer) and my neighbor took them to the humane society yesterday so they could be nursed to health by another mama cat that recently had a small litter.

i wanted to keep them SO bad.  but, i knew they needed better care than i could give... at least at the time... the humane society estimated they were just 3-4 weeks old!

maybe mr p will let me adopt one back after they are in better health ;) 

(crossing my fingers...)

i'm just happy that they have at least a temporary home that's warm, dry, and has food... and i hope that someone (if not us :P) will give them a loving home someday soon :D


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tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

ugh. this is so very sad. but you did good and these kittens are lucky to have been found/saved. I hope one comes back to you too!!