Sunday, August 19, 2012

happy anniversary!

mr p and i celebrated a very special day last wednesday :)

and extra special it was! i had this bad boy waiting for me when i got home from work:

be patient with us, though... i have NO idea how to use it yet! i want to read up as much as i can before spending the money to take a photography class though... until then, we will be "those" people taking 4327942 pictures of our food at the restaurant trying to get the perfect shot. and that's exactly what we did when we went out for an anniversary dinner wednesday night at an amazing place in paulus hook called satis bistro .

mr p ordered the steak frites as an entree, and i ordered off of the prefix menu, which included pan con tomate (basically a fancier bruschetta with julienned anchovies on top), braised short ribs, and a GIANT german chocolate cake gelato sundae.  everything was to share, of course.  mr p and i eat family style for most meals (it's the best way to try out a few things in just 1 meal!!)

after we sat down we realized our friend from kickboxing was dining with a friend right beside us! (remember that post about meeting new people ??  it was inspired by a day when we ran into SO many new friends on the street and in the grocery store... same thing here!  feels good to just "run into" people around here)

it was just a good night... and we did all this AFTER going to kickboxing!  we're hardcore, i tell ya.

sometimes we have the most fun going out just the two of us!
it's a good thing we really like each other :P

to many many more anniversaries ;)


Jo Dhesi said...

so cute - congrats guys!

the southern hostess said...

How exciting! Happy belated Anniversary!

Young at Heart said...

now I really am hungry!!

jenn @ beyond the stoop said...

thanks everyone! i encourage you all to try Satis Bistro... i've heard wonderful things about their brunch too :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! We're the same way--I take roughly 10 shots of everything (continuous shot is my friend). I just like to have selection, okay?

Okie in Jersey said...