Friday, August 24, 2012

work late = longer commute = angry me!

i've been working more hours than usual...
which puts a rut into my nightly routine (kickboxing, shower, eat, blog)
i leave late, which doubles my commute in rush hour traffic, i get home late, i miss the kickboxing class, and i can't blog.

so... wednesday night i decided i've had it! i'm not NOT working out just because i miss kickboxing class.

so... i... just... RAN (yes, just like forrest gump tells that sweet old lady in the movie)

i ran all the way to 11th street in hoboken.  round trip is just over FIVE MILES!
craziness, right? well, i guess i didn't run it all in 1 shot. when i got to the hoboken train station, i decided to take a peak inside the newly renovated space.  i was speachless!

it's gorgeous in there.  it's like a mini grand central station. AND it handles 3 different train systems, AND it's a bus stop, AND it's a ferry terminal. (i love that we have so many modes of public transportation!!)

so, running all the way to hoboken was totally worth having sore quads and calves 2 days after the run...

cheers to the weekend!
we're having our favorite "local" visitor visit this weekend!
and going to 2 bbq's
and going on a sailboat ride tonight!
i LOVE summers in the city :)

what are your plans this weekend!??

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Cheltz said...

Wow! That really looks great!