Tuesday, September 4, 2012

beer, brought to you by whitehouse.gov

yes, you read that right. 

 image via the baker and the brewer

the white house is making beer.
and has officially released their recipe!

download the pdf of the recipe here

so, for all of you home-brewers out there, go get brewing! 
(then call me over for a drink ....or 5)

i was recently reminded of this fun fact from thekitchn.com , but first heard about this from the baker and the brewer   (head over there now for a bit more info on their new endeavor and more fun facts about the white house and alcohol activities of past presidents... or, if you need a good idea for a sweet treat, check out their blonde brownies or their guilt-free cheesecake tarts !)

wouldn't it be fun if local breweries started selling beer using this recipe??

good work, mr president!  i hope to try your honey porter and honey ale soon!



Melissa Blake said...

That headline definitely made me do a double take!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the LOVE!!! I know my brewer is looking to test this baby out soon :) Will keep you posted!