Wednesday, September 5, 2012

congrats to the bride and groom! (or brides and grooms??)

'tis the season:
congrats to the new mr & mrs wancowicz and mr & mrs tam!

we went to 2 weddings in august, had many drinks, ate amazing food, and danced our socks off 
(i LOVE going to weddings!!)

the first was a friend from work, and her wedding was in red bank, NJ.  after the groom and i confirmed our love for cake pops at this wedding in january , i was happy to see that there were cake pops at EVERY seat! (mr p "let" me eat his as well :P)  this wedding was right after OUR anniversary, when mr p got me a new camera , so we got lots of good practice at the wedding :)

want to see more pictures!?
(notice how i rocked my leopard print peep-toe platforms ALL night! this photo was taken while walking to the car, shoes STILL ON!)

the wedding last weekend was in cleveland, which allowed us to see a LOT of family! the weekend started off with a friday making cookies and playing with a cutie patootie little guy , and my mom also came into town to FINALLY meet mr p's family (more on that later!)  it was all an amazing weekend.  exhausting, but pretty amazing.

first, notice how many "N" names there are.  then, see that ALL but 1 name is a Nguyen.  this is how you know you are at a vietnamese wedding :P

august was exciting, but september and october are going to be fun-filled as well!  stay tuned :)



Melissa Blake said...

Awww, these are so sweet! I love wedding photos! xoxo

JacPfef said...

lovely! weddings really are the best, aren't they? xo

Marie said...

Wedding & family photos are always the best :)

Anonymous said...

Weddings are always so much fun!!!