Friday, August 31, 2012

how to spend a friday off of work.

1. eat delicious homemade vietnamese food....

2. ....with wonderful people like them

3. and spend a few hours with cuties like him

4. and make 200+ cranberry shortbread cookies for saturday's wedding.

5.  relax the rest of the day :)

disclaimer : you must spend the entire day in your pj's!!

OK?? ...k.

cheers to the weekend!


Considerations said...

Sounds like a perfect kinda day off! Except maybe for working hard on the cookies, but they look delicious :)

Unknown said...

you forgot to mention eating copious amounts of the cookie dough, duh! :) enjoy!

jenn @ beyond the stoop said...

Oh... There was LOTS of cookie-dough-eating going on. It's too enticing when there are no eggs in it to make it a 'bad' thing to eat the dough.... Or 'oh? Cut that one too thin?' (pops it in the mouth)

Jenna said...

Now you are making me hungry! It all looks delicious!

JacPfef said...

i suddenly have an overwhelming desire to eat and snuggle cute babies.

Brie Bemis @ Sophistifunk said...

that looks like my kind of friday!
hope you had a great weekend!
p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

xo brie