Tuesday, August 28, 2012

fish and champagne


saturday's fun-filled adventures included FIRST a rockin workout at JC Taekwondo , then a debut trip to 2nd st bakery for sammiches and homemade mozzarella, then to the new neighborhood grocery store, key foods , for our 3rd pound of $2.99/lb stuffed grape leaves in 1 week (say whaaat?  ...so good, trust me) before walking our sweaty behinds to the beacon where we gorged ourselves at our friends' annual "fish and champagne" event!  lots of fish, lots of champagne, wine, sangria, cupcakes, cornbread, bbq'ed chicken, potato salad, steamed salmon, biscuits, buffalo wings, and mac-n-cheese (and you can bet i had at LEAST a bite of each of those... i cringe at the thought of how much we ate that day!! but it was all so good we couldn't help ourselves!!)   i joked-but-not-joked that day that i didn't eat a single vegetable all day, haha.  

we met the owner of tri(1/3)bal  ("one third tribal")  while we were there too!  such a sweet girl, and we're definitely going to stop by her eclectic, worldly home furnishings and jewelry shop soon on bergen ave in jersey city, and for those of you NOT in jersey city, visit her online shop:  http://www.onethirdtribalmercantile.com/ 

when's the next beacon social!?
we're up for being pseudo beacon residents for such FUN events like this! 
mucho thanks, erskine and erika :)



Unknown said...

nice photos :)


Melissa Blake said...

Those cupcakes look delicious!