Thursday, December 6, 2012

tool time

(no, not THAT tool time...)
i'm going to start a little mini-series on kitchen tools.  some of these you might use everyday and think "yep, that's totally something that everyone should have" , and some you might think "hmm, i always thought that was unnecessary because _____"
either way, i want it to be enlightening :)
the first tool i'm going to highlight is an egg slicer .
here's why:
1. how many times have you gone to slice an egg and the yolk falls out halfway through, leaving you slicing egg-white rings while you've got a big chunk of yolk on the cutting board? unless that's what you were going for, an egg slicer can solve that problem for you! and you've only got a tiny little thing to clean up afterwards, rather than a knife and a cutting board (and pick up the pieces of yolk that may have fallen on the floor... because that's totally what happens when i try to slice an egg with a knife)
2. it does in one clean slice, taking much less time. this week was the first week i had sort of a salad-making station in the fridge for my lunches. all the ingredients were already chopped and in individual containers, all i needed to do was toss some of each into a container and go (no more chopping in the morning, making myself late to work because it took longer than i thought) if my eggs are already hard-boiled, i just had to grab one and slice it with the egg-slicer (seriously 2 seconds) and toss it in. such a quick (and SUPER cheap!) way to add some protein to my salad!
are you convinced yet? here's the one that i bought for mr p for our anniversary:
this is a pretty fancy one, at $16.95, with 2 different slicers on it, for ovals or wedges.  i've never tried others, but this one is pretty awesome. very easy to clean, and feels nice because it's heavy.  you could test out cheaper ones here, here, or here.
besides just putting egg slices on salads, sometimes it's nice to make an egg sammich with hard-boiled eggs instead of fried eggs (and healthier too!)'s our favorite egg sammich:
Egg & Asparagus Sammich with Lemon-Dill Mayo
(inspiration from )
-slice a soft baguette in half for 2 sides of the sammich
(or lay out 2 slices of regular 'ole sliced sammich bread)
-spread lemon-dill mayo on each side
(as simple as stirring together mayo, lemon zest & lemon juice, and chopped dill)
- thinly slice red onions and put on sammich
- slice grilled asparagus long-ways and put on sammich
-slice hard-boiled eggs wiith egg slicer and put on sammich
-bon appetit!
now, go get an egg slicer, and start eating those eggs! and tell me if you like the sammich!
unless you're vegan, then you're just missing out :P j/k i heart vegans (and vegan food) too.


Rachel said...

I have an egg slicer and love it haha! Love your blog!

Michelle said...

My mom bought me one 3 years ago and I've never gone back. They are super useful with strawberries too (if you have a sturdy one!).