Thursday, June 28, 2012

big kids, big toys


a new car?

a house?

a boat?

(get real people, we're still kids. apparently it's normal around here to still be living at HOME at the ripe age of 25, so we're at least adults in the sense that we DON'T live with the rents.) 

mr p decided that he wanted a new computer!
so, what does a 20-something with no house, kids, car (or payments), or student loans do?

just do it!
(sorry, nike, for stealing your slogan)
...aaaand build a desk to go with it.
(thanks, zack, for your enginerd expertise)
i'm going to think that mr p was thinking ahead, and when my blog is big enough it replaces my day job, this will be my "office" instead of his "gaming center". right, babe? :) :) :)

now we just have to sell the macbook air he bought 6 months ago (any takers??), do SOME thing about those cords, and decorate the desk and the blank wall behind it!! (i have a fun idea to use rex ray prints has been started, and should be finished soon!!)


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dreaming en francais said...

Boys and their gadgets and toys! I like the way you think though -- this could totally work for when you hit famous blogger status! xo