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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

the proposal story...

we've been asked many times, and have told it many times, but now's the time to tell the story on this space!  here's our proposal story, as told my hung himself:


The proposal story:
So this was planned out for a while now, but I wasn't sure when it would happen until our home closed. Since it happened on a Wednesday (March 12th), I decided that the proposal had to happen soon. I had to the find the right time to do it, and what better time than on Saturday (March 15th) when we had tickets to the Opera from my bosses that I had already planned our monthly date night to. They gave us awesome seats, and though Jenn didn’t understand the first two acts, (she didn’t know there were subtitles to the show) she wasn’t really into it. I was a bit worried since we just sat through an hour and 15 mins of a show that she had no idea what was going on, I thought she was going to want to leave the rest of the show which would have ruined any timing I had for our day. Luckily I told her about the subtitles and she was ready for the final two acts (dodging bullets).

 photo photo2.jpg
 photo photo1.jpg  photo photoPNG.jpeg
instagramming our excitement for the opera, pre-proposal

Friday, February 14, 2014


 photo DSC06298_zps7bd92c50.jpg  photo DSC06300_zps25eba6f4.jpg

happy valentine's day! we're actually a non-celebrating house. we're hanging with friends tonight instead of being romantic (we're romantic everyday!)

however, in the spirit of valentine's day, i thought i would share a recent print i bought from artists and fleas in chelsea market when my mom was in town in december.  it is (appropriately) named "hug". is he not the cutest?  we're not shy about buying "monster" art.  this is actually our third print from leroy's place, and we have another block print from kudu-lah that has a cutie pie monster on it (see it here ).  this guy hasn't found a permanent home quite yet, but we still get to enjoy it while we work at the computer for now.  

i guess it represents our love for new york city? yes, yes it does.  if i could give the empire state building a big hug, i'd do it too.

leroy's place sells prints and jewelry at artists and fleas in williamsburg, brooklyn and the brooklyn night bazaar (also in williamsburg).  prints are 1 for $15, or 2 for $25.  BUT, the cool thing is if you want the original painting, you can purchase them when they come up on their facebook page ! (gosh i just found this out! now i NEED one!)


Thursday, November 14, 2013

i hope they frame this one day

 photo 2013-11-131_zps7cc5d0ee.jpg

just call this the week of cheesiness (see here , and here if that's yo thang)

i couldn't help but snag this photo on our walk to the water after breakfast at sam a m on sunday .  these two... newly-engaged, looking adorbs, walking hand-in-hand in the brownstone-filled paulus hook neighborhood with manhattan's financial district ever-so-close in the beyond.

the iphone is a wonderful thing sometimes ;)
(edited with my favorite new app, a beautiful mess !)

congrats, you lovebirds!


Friday, October 18, 2013

how i know he's a keeper

 photo 2013-10-162_zps63be0bb4.jpg

do you recognize what this is?

this is a container of de-seeded grapes (and cantaloupe).
(as in grapes with seeds, but the seed have been removed)

mr p accidentally bought seeded grapes.
i complained that i couldn't eat them easily.
the taste was being ruined by the bitter, tart, flavor of the seeds.
....because i always accidentally bit into the seeds.

mr p felt bad, even though he got them for himself and not me, really.
monday night after he got back from a dentist appointment,
...after he missed kickboxing, while I had time to run AND go to kickboxing,
he cut each one in half AND de-seeded each one, on his own, without me asking.

THAT'S how I know he's a keeper.