Friday, October 18, 2013

how i know he's a keeper

 photo 2013-10-162_zps63be0bb4.jpg

do you recognize what this is?

this is a container of de-seeded grapes (and cantaloupe).
(as in grapes with seeds, but the seed have been removed)

mr p accidentally bought seeded grapes.
i complained that i couldn't eat them easily.
the taste was being ruined by the bitter, tart, flavor of the seeds.
....because i always accidentally bit into the seeds.

mr p felt bad, even though he got them for himself and not me, really.
monday night after he got back from a dentist appointment,
...after he missed kickboxing, while I had time to run AND go to kickboxing,
he cut each one in half AND de-seeded each one, on his own, without me asking.

THAT'S how I know he's a keeper.


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