Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Night of Noir - JC Fridays with E. Tittlemouse and Co.

jersey city has seriously been stepping up its game.  and right now, i'd have to say most of it has to do with the residents stepping up their game, coming out to support those small businesses that are popping up all over town right now, and the businesses stepping up either game by hosting community events.  it's been a win-win for everyone.  jc fridays has been a fantastic event in downtown jersey city for a while now, celebrating the works of local artists, getting the community out for a night of fun in the meantime.  although jersey city isn't home to galleries on every block, you can find local art in nearly all downtown restaurants and a lot of specialty stores.  for instance, LITM keeps its walls bare white, with rotating local art on display putting pops of color throughout the minimalist bar.

JC Fridays cupcake
cupcakes from sugar supply

while jc fridays is a great event to store hop/bar hop/art gallery hop, we decided to plant our feet at e.tittlemouse and co . for the night.  napoleon and belinda, the store owners, are huge supporters of local talent beginning to shine.  their theme for friday was "a night of noir" celebrating the upcoming works of john trigonis and lauren clemente , as they will soon launch a new comic book titled " siren's calling ," a horror noir comic book based in santa monica in 1947.   lauren is the illustrator for the comic, and her art featuring scenes from the comic were on display (and for sale) at the event, including original sketches of the characters. 

E. Tittlemouse and Co.

Lauren Clemente with Siren's Calling artwork
lauren clemente's artwork from siren's calling .

everyone was encouraged to dress as if they were in the comic, the men donning trench coats and fedoras, skinny ties and suspenders.  ladies played their parts with sultry dresses, red lipstick, and victory rolls, headpieces from local jewelry artist caviar noir , or fascinators in their hair.

while i was excited to attend the entire event (gosh the anticipation leading up to it was intense!), a last minute business trip put me at the store 2 hours late.  hoping to catch the tail end of it, i didn't even change my clothes before coming (lame!), but luckily my partner in crime/husband slipped his way to the event right on time, in costume (looking as adorable as ever), with the camera and all! enjoy his amateur-but-awesome photos below (gosh he's getting good at those photo-taking skills!)

Anthony Willis
anthony willis , the real photographer of the night, catching noir scenes found on the e. tittlemouse instagram

 photo DSC08864.jpg

 photo DSC08872.jpg

 photo DSC08876.jpg
john and lauren dish about the new comic .

 photo DSC08901.jpg

Napoleon of E. Tittlemouse and Co.
napoleon of e.tittlemouse and co is the light of the party :)

 photo DSC08904.jpg
julie, maker of caviar noir jewelry shows how to wear her headpieces

 photo DSC08909.jpg

 photo DSC08928.jpg

 photo DSC08940.jpg
belinda of e.tittlemouse works the "bar"

 photo DSC08944.jpg
anthony willis checks out his noir shots

 photo DSC08950.jpg
brian of modest mind clothing looking dapper.

 photo DSC08959.jpg
journalist emily tan  steps away from the music scene to join the fun

 photo DSC08971.jpg
i made it finally!

 photo DSC08986.jpg

 photo DSC09013.jpg

 photo DSC08995.jpg
gosh what a good looking crew.

thanks for a fun night, e.tittlemouse ! there's even more anticipation to read siren's calling ! coming out sooner than later i hope ;)



Eatlovemerry said...

Lovely photos! x

Eggs royale on a saturday

Jess @UsedYorkCity said...

This sounds like such a fun event, yay JC! Small businesses are my fave, and it seems like there's a lot of good ones popping up all over your hood!