Thursday, July 28, 2011

Follow-up: Asian Chicken Noodle Salad

We thrive on leftovers in our kitchen., whether it's heating up soup from the night before, pulling out the big container of tuna or chicken salad to eat again, or just using something for the second (or third or fourth or fifth) meal.  Remember a week ago when I posted about Asian Chicken Noodle Salad?  ...and remember I told you the dressing intentionally makes a lot so you can use it later for salads?  Today I had it on a salad!  ...and it was oh so good. 

Most of the time, eating a salad for lunch is just blah unless you put all kinds of unhealthy (read: delicious) things on it, like handfuls of cheese, nuts, croutons, yum.  Using this dressing though made a salad that I actually wanted more of, even though I didn't put any of those 'delicious' things on it.... just some shredded poached chicken, chopped green peppers, and mesclun greens... and dressing of course.

The dressing has sort of a creaminess to it, but it's still runny like a vinaigrette so that when you pour it over your lunch container, you can put the lid back on and make your quiet office loud by shaking it up!  Every bit of my salad today had dressing on it.  If you're like me, normally you save the best for last and eat all the greens first (like eating all the brown parts of Lucky Charms first and saving huge spoonfuls of marshmallows for last!  ..but the adult, trying-to-eat-healthy version)  But having this dressing made the leafy greens actually good!

Of course the dressing isn't for everyone, but if you like peanut butter and soy sauce, you will probably like it  :D

Keep me posted if you try it!


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