Thursday, July 28, 2011

Philly, without the cheesesteak

A recent trip to Philly was filled with good friends, good dancing, good food, HOT temperatures, a good run... but NO cheesesteak!  I've been there enough times that I'm over the that "I'm in Philly so I need to eat a Philly cheesesteak."  ....because the truth is, though the cheesesteak is very very delicious, Philly has so many other great restaurants with great food.

The weekend started off with Mr. P and I hitting the road before dinner time, and eating cold leftover Asian Chicken Noodle Salad on the way.  That night we went to the most awesome dance party EVER! (well, except that it was outside and the temperature didn't go below 90 degrees all night). Moshulu (HUGE old sail boat docked at Penn's Landing) was hosting a night of BBG KKR by DJ Dee Jay.... which meant only music by Birtney Beyonce Gaga Ke$ha Katy and Rhianna!! much dancing... and I was in such awe of the guys there.  Never in my lift have I seen so many (straight) guys know the words to those songs!!! 

The rest of the weekend was spent with a long, deathly hot run, followed by relaxing and eating, lots of eating!  My good friend Michelle introduced us to a restaurant bar in Philly called The Prohibition Taproom.  She advised us the fried green beans blah blah blah... I was convinced that I needed them when I heard "fried green beans"!!  They only have a few things that stay on their menu, but their daily specials are what's best.  We ALL ordered from the daily menu (so you might as well not even look at their menu online, just trust me, it's good.) 

Knowing that my fried green beans were going to be greasy (but oh so good), I ordered the vegan sandwich with side salad.  Expecting my sandwich to be blah, I was unexcited for what was to come.  Instead, however, it was probably the best meatless sandwich I've ever had!  I think I'll start trying to make it at home!  It was hummus, tomatoes, cucumbers, pickled onions, and hummus on sourdough bread.  So simple, right?  I think it was the sourdough bread.  When it gets cooler outside and Mr. P starts making homemade bread again, I'm going to convince him to make sourdough... yum!  ...and the pickled onions... yum!  The looked like they had been pickled in red wine vinegar, I hope that was it, because I'm gonna try to make them!

Mr. P ordered a hamburger with brie.  I think it was nostalgic for him (ok well it was nostalgic for me, and I was happy he ordered it!)  The first time he made burgers for me, he stuffed them with brie.  Who does that??   ...his burger also had bacon, and his side was fries.  Now how come he's losing weight again when he gets to eat like that?  Stupid boys and their stupid metabolisms!

Sunday we filled with Dim Sum in Chinatown and my not-so-new favorite treat, froyo! 

It's delicious, light, and a great go-to treat, because I always get the same... Original Tart (or euro-tart, or plain, or whatever said place wants to call it) with coconut (preferably toasted) and rainbow sprinkles (not chocolate, tried it, ew)....

Mr. P usually doesn't like froyo, but since we "dragged" him outside and made him walk miles in the heat, it was a refreshing treat!  Peanut butter froyo and coffee froyo with crushed oreos for him...

Thanks for everyone for a great weekend!


...and p.s. I lied... Mr P had a cheesesteak... he's an eating machine I tell ya!

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