Monday, October 3, 2011

4-Day Break

It's Monday!!  Wait, I'm not supposed to be excited for Mondays.  Except for the fact that Mr P and I will be able to take out the trash!  Wait, I'm not supposed to be excited for that either.  One of the biggest reasons Mr P and I have slowed down in the renovations is the fact that we just have so much clutter that we sort of just stare at it all like we still have so much to do.  We really don't have that much to do considering what we have accomplished so far, it's just that we need to get so much OUT of the apartment.  We have lots of tools and materials that we don't need anymore, and we have that ugly huge wardrobe thing taking up half of our living room that has got, to, go... We had planned on getting lots of these things out last Monday, but if you read last Tuesday's post, we accidentally relaxed and watched a movie instead of taking out construction trash/junk we don't want.  Our trash comes on Monday nights and Thursday nights, and we left for OHIO on Thursday, so here we are with a still cluttered apartment.  It will be pretty liberating, I think, to get rid of the things we don't need (so I can fill it back up with more things I think I need, haha)

Anyways, we left for Ohio on Thursday night to celebrate the O'Dell wedding (woooo congrats Megan and Kevin!). 

This was one of the funnest wedding's I've been to, mostly because I knew so many people there, and they were all people I rarely get to see.  Though Mr P and I love to travel, it's hard to visit friends when they all live a day's drive (or more) or a $300 (or $500) flight away.  It was so fun to see everyone from high school, because when we get together, we have a friendship like no time has passed since we saw each other last.  Most of the time I tell people that they should move to NYC or the east coast (I love it here, so I'm selfish), but after hearing about the weather in Colorado, now I think all of us should move to Denver closer to Katie :D  Apparently living out there she has to deal with wearing t-shirts when she's snow skiing, getting sunburned in the wintertime, no humidity, no wind, fluffy white snow, having 85 degree weather when it's 60 degrees in Ohio and New Jersey, walking 200 yards to work, having mountains in the horizon in all directions.... it's a rough life :P

Remember those blue suede shoes I posted about?  Yeah, not wearing them again... unless there's some really important occasion, and in that case, I will buy all the insoles and pain-inhibiting contraptions I can find.  Walking around in my apartment for 5 minutes gave me the impression they were going to be deceivingly comfortable.  I should have known better!!  At least I snagged a few pics wearing them with Mr P's matching tie (that we found on Macy's clearance rack for $15, marked down from $60!)

Back to the grind tonight!  Let the de-cluttering madness begin!


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