Friday, December 16, 2011

Merry Christmas, Mr P... this calls for a date night!

Merry Christmas to Mr P!!  His Christmas present from me came in the mail today :D  Even though I really like wrapping presents and REALLY like watching people open the gifts I wrapped, I suppose it's a good thing that I got him something that he really wanted.

What is it, you might ask??

A deli slicer of course!  Everyone needs one, right?  ( right?? )  Well, in this house, we do.  We want to start slicing chicken breasts that we sear and bake instead of buying molded "chicken breast" deli meat that has preservatives and has been processed like crazy.  We want to start slicing our roasts and making amazing roast beef instead of either buying deli meat or trying to hand slice ourselves.

Still thinking of a place to store it, but in the meantime, we will also dream up new recipes to make!

....and in the meantime we will have date nights using up our deals at places like O'Hara's in Jersey City and eat delicious shepherd's pie (tangy, because we are convinced they made it with balsamic vinegar! yum!!!)

Best news of the day.... WE GOT OUR WATER BACK!!!

Worst news of the day.... we think our hot water heater is broken as a result of having no water :(

Does anyone know how to fix the temperature pressure relief valve or replace it??  It's dripping nonstop...

Anyways, company Christmas party festivities tomorrow will make for a fun weekend :D


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