Sunday, February 12, 2012

birthday weekend round 2

our trips to philly always give us good memories with good friends  (see here, here, here, and here).  this weekend was no different!

the weekend started off with bar hopping friday after arriving in philly (ugh, and parking soooo far away! i wanted NO chance of getting a ticket this time!)  after hitting up a dive bar, we went to Sugar Mom's in Old City.  Sugar Mom's is in a dark basement with odd vintage trinkets for decor, but it was such a cozy atmostphere!  A must for someone looking for a unique bar (though, a bit hipster, you're warned).

(thanks, mike and Dana, for introducing us to Sugar Mom's!!)

saturday was THE day we came for!  after waking up at 11am, cleaning birthday boy's apartment for 3 hours (you're welcome zack!!) we cleaned up and headed to Audrey Claire for an amazing Mediterranean dinner in Rittenhouse.  this place was so cool.  simple decor, open kitchen, and best of all: BYOB .  since this place was a little classy, we decided to bring our "classy" drinks of corona and miller chill (oops, guess we shoulda brought the wine instead).

we decided to order the appetizer that was a little bit of everything, and we downed it in less than 10 minutes.  the plate was filled with olives, beets and pumpkin, asparagus, brussels sprouts, artichokes, mozzarella, sundried tomatoes, and bacon.

i ordered shallot-crusted sole in a lemon caper sauce with fried sage, with couscous and green beans.

mr p ordered the lamb (deep fried! so good!) with mashed potatoes and asparagus.

(perfectly cooked)

birthday boy ordered the maple-brined pork chop topped with granny smith apple, gorgonzola, and wild boar bacon, with asparagus and mashed potatoes.

just... all... soo... good!!  for a while, mr p and i didn't like going out to eat because our meals we just ok... nothing great, and we felt like we shouldn't spend the money because we could make the same dish at home, but for cheaper and better.  lately we've been REALLY lucky at choosing good places, thinking every meal is worth every penny (hope that comment doesn't jinx us!)

after we got back to the apartment, friends came over for drinks and drinking games (ugh... so much for eating healthy!  i drank an entire 6-pack of Harpoon Cider myself!  tolerance of a man, i tell ya...)  and later we went to Rum Bar 2 doors down (it was so nasty snowy/rainy/SUPER cold) and danced the night away!

(birthday boy got stuck with all 5 cups in the end)

(dance party at Rum Bar.. mr p insists that i always dance like this, and mocks my moves... i always insist i DON'T dance like this... i suppose this picture is proof that i do , in fact, dance like this. always .)
...oh... and first time taking out my new Brandy J Collection bag i got for christmas!  thanks mom :D

like i said, going to philly is ALWAYS a good time... and even better when we get to celebrate birthdays :D  sooo good to see everyone this weekend!!!  looking forward to the next trip and venturing into the new 'hood of media, pa!

cheers to a great week ahead.


stephania said...

Always love when you guys come to philly . rumbar was so much fun. ill have to check out audrey Claire. food looks yummy

jenn @ beyond the stoop said...

WE love coming to philly too! so good to see you guys this weekend :D