Thursday, February 2, 2012

Date Night: le Pescadeux

Remember last night when I said Mr P and I went on a date? Well, we went to le Pescadeux in SoHo and it was amazing.

Normally I haven't had great experiences with buying deals (like Groupon or LivingSocial) for restaurants (like our date night at Trinity in Hoboken), but this one totally blew us away.  It would be pretty pricey for a normal non-discounted meal, but a great place for a special occasion.

If you are like me and Mr P and like your fish cooked a particular way, this place is it.  I ordered salmon (meadium rare) and grouper.  The salmon melted in my mouth (as it should) and the grouper tasted a bit meatier (as it should).  The salmon was paired with a horseradish sauce, and the grouper laid over a bed of pureed cauliflower with a fried artichoke on top.  The best part about the menu here is that you can order half-orders of 2 kinds of fish for 1 price!  So, between the two of us we got to try 4 different types of fish from the menu, including Mr P's order of cod and bass which were also both delicious.

Mr P ordered a side of creamy swiss chard and spinach.  I wanted to order it, but brussells sprouts were totally calling my name, so I'm glad he ordered it so I could at least try it!  It was pureed and not leafy, and it was so good.  No strong flavor, but just enough creaminess and a good thickness that it wasn't too creamy or too veggie-y.  My side of brussells sprouts were the best I think I have ever had.  I have seen recipes for brussells sprouts sauteed with bacon and maple syrup, but, since we have been trying to eat healthy, we stick to things with less calories (like our spicy lime-cilantro sauce).  NOW I know why I see the recipe everywhere!  Brussells sprouts are SOO good with bacon and something sweet!!  You must try if you get the chance.

Mr P also wanted to try the raw oysters (yikes!!) So I ended up trying one as well... for the first time!! I've always been scared of them, but since the place was sort of dark, and I didn't know anyone but Mr P, I did it.  I tried it. ....and it was actually really good!  The oysters were served with a garlic vinegar and the TEENIEST bottle of Tabasco sauce I have ever seen.  The oysters were slimy, salty, but actually pretty tasty!  Check one more thing off of my "I don't like, but I've never tried" list!!  (come on, I know YOU have a list too... probably brussells sprouts are on it... shame on you!!)

Ok ok enough about food that you probably won't eat (unless you live in NYC or surrounding areas).  Onto the rest of the night!  Last night it was still over 50 degrees even after we finished eating!! So, we decided to put on our "walking shoes" and explore the fun neighborhood (well, it turned into an AWESOME shopping trip, but still... a rather pleasant evening on a Wednesday night in February!)

We "stumbled" upon Broadway, and walked past the Vince Camuto store, where I fell in love with the Abril boots a few weeks ago, but they were still listed for $175 (on sale!! ok... pick your jaw off the floor now).  Granted, they were real Italian leather, and they were pretty much the cutest black boot I have ever seen.  I tried them on earlier, and knew what size I needed, so I've had my eye on them online for a while.  I had a feeling they MIGHT be on sale a bit more than before, but I was shocked to see that the sticker price now said just $100!!  That was the top of my price range for black boots (I wanted some, but I didn't want to get cheap-o Target ones again since I had such a bad experience with my last pair) 

After trying on several boots in the store last night (just to KNOW that was the boot I wanted), Mr P insisted on buying them for me :D (aw, he's so adorable...) No... wait... I'm totally NOT that girl who makes their significant other buy expensive things for her, so, the agreement was that if he bought them for me, I was going to buy an equally-priced gift for him.  Uniqlo undies and video games it is!!

After spending too much money, we wanted to get dessert.  I REALLY wanted some Jeni's ice cream, since they sell it at Dean and Deluca on Broadway VERY close to where we were at... but... it was closed by the time we walked by (shucks, guess I didn't need those extra calories anyways).  A bite of Mr P's white-bread-and-peanut-butter sammich when we got home sufficed....

(sigh) what a good night :D


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