Friday, February 10, 2012

madness is about to begin

just 4 blocks away... FOUR BLOCKS AWAY!

i'm getting anxiety at the fact that JWoww and Snooki will be living in a renovated firehouse just FOUR BLOCKS from my house.  the two crazy girls will be filming a spin-off of MTV's "jersey shore" right HERE in jersey city.

(image source: Business Insider )

(Image source: The Hollywood Gossip )
(btw... it was REALLY hard finding a picture of this chick decent enough to show on my "classy" blog)

thanks to, we can all get a sneak peak at their new place.  (i'm totally jealous, and i'm sure mr p is going to be twice as jealous... his dream home is a renovated fire house... i guess we just have to be drunk all the time, be DTF with anyone, and GTL to get it AND get paid for it...)

(Image source: )

i'm not sure if i'm happy, mad, scared, excited... i don't even WATCH jersey shore (hence why i had to look back at the article to make sure i spelled "JWoww" correctly)

but, it definitely will be exciting that MY NEIGHBORHOOD will be on TV!!  hopefully it doesn't make the bars and restaurants raise their prices though :(   still... maybe it will revive our awesome neighborhood even faster than is already is! 

our previous neighborhood of hoboken had Carlo's Bakery (where the hit TLC show "Cake Boss" is filmed), and the only attention that brought was ridiculous lines clogging up one of the main intersections where people walk through to go to work (ok ok, i admit, it DID make me want to watch the show every now and then to see if we see ourselves walking inconspiculously down the street)

so... what's in store for jersey city??

(sigh)  only time will tell!

have a great weekend!   we're celebrating ANOTHER birthday this weekend! (we celebrated last weekend, but my day job took over too much of my life this week and i didn't have the time to post/edit pictures/create links/etc/etc/etc, so i will make your mouth water from pics of food from  enoteca maria next week)



Megan O. said...

Awwwww I'm jealous! I watch The Shore and out of all of them JWoww my fav girl...Snooki's a train wreck so watch out for that one and any of those potted plants you leave out front...she tends to be destructive :) Whenever Kev & I visit I'm going to have to go by this place at least 10 times!

Mrs.H said...

I saw this last nite... how fun!!

jenn @ beyond the stoop said...

i'll probably end up being "that" person with her phone out snapping a pic as quickly as i can navigate my iphone when i see one of them!! haha

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