Wednesday, February 15, 2012

thanks, valentine.

to mr p:

thank you  for being my Valentine EVERYDAY, not just on February 14th.

thank you for cooking me dinner virtually every night.

thank  you for watching (and liking, ...i think) chick flicks every single time i want to watch one.

thank you for opening the door for me, even when your hands are full with twice the amount of groceries that i'm holding.

thank you  for being my hair stylist... and my fashion guru... and my masseuse.

thank you  for being a team player in things that are "supposed to be the woman's job in the house".....and for basically throwing out all implications that ANYTHING  is "supposed" to be the woman's job or "supposed" to be the man's job.

thank you for supporting me 110% throughout my detox in january.

thank you for helping to push me to like the foods my child-sized palate used to not like.

thank you for making me smile everyday and laugh everyday.

thank you for being my IT specialist

thank you for buying me flowers on days that i don't expect them, instead of on the days when i'm "supposed" to expect them.

thank you for agreeing with the crazy idea that we could make our current apartment as awesome as it is now.  so much hard work, long hours, stress, and we didn't kill each other (or even come close!) during the entire renovation (epic high fives to US !)

thank you for seeing the good in every single person, strangers or not, and being genuinely nice to everyone.  you truly know the meaning of "paying it forward ".

thank you for loving me even though i'm far from perfect.

thank you  for being YOU

...and most of all, thanks for just being so awesome    :D