Tuesday, April 10, 2012

no-bake brownies

(not from a box!!)

i was a little skeptical of this recipe...

(who WOULDN'T be? no bake brownies? sounds too good to be true)

sometimes i feel like i'm trying pinterest recipes JUST to see if it works, and not really because i need to make that particular food
(please tell me i'm not the ONLY one who does this??)

well... this one actually worked!
one-up for pinterest.

the recipe actually comes from My New Roots, an amazing healthy-eating blog from a vegetarian nutritionist, and you can find it here.

we had recently bought dates at the bodega for salads, so when i came across this recipe using dates, i knew i had to try it!  i'm not sure how readily available medjool dates are in your area, but they are delicious and a MUST buy if you ever come across them!

we blitzed the walnuts in the food processor until it basically formed a paste (practically walnut butter!)

then added the rest of the ingredients.

then molded the mixture to a parchment-paper-lined pan.

blitzed walnuts, cocoa and salt added.

cocoa mixed

dates mixed in

lightly-chopped almonds

hand-mix in almonds

smashed it in with a meat tenderizer to get it smooth and molded in tightly!

bam!  insta-brownies!

thanks, sarah!

only caution:   we used regular baking cocoa and it was much more bitter than regular brownies, but the more we eat them, the more we REALLY like the bitter taste!  if you want the brownies sweeter, i would try powdered sugar or honey (add some more dates to the mix if you add powdered sugar to keep a good consistency, and add some more "almost-walnut-butter" if you use honey)

these are great because they are SO rich that we eat just 1 or 2 bites at a time, instead of feeling like we could down a whole batch in 1 sitting (like normal :P   ...and like ANY time we get samoas!!)



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