Thursday, May 17, 2012

vegetarian.. AGAIN??

(though, mr p didn't even realize we were having yet ANOTHER meat-less meal until i thanked him for not complaining that we were eating two different vegetarian meals in a row)

monday's dinner consisted of throwing together a quick stir-fry, using up leftover rice from last week.  it was SO good, took only a few minutes to make, and consisted of just broccoli, mango, and a homemade peanut sauce (recipe coming in the near future i promise!! first we have to make it one more time keeping track of all the things mr p decides to put in it!! haha)

tuesday night we had quinoa-stuffed peppers!  though it was a new recipe using quinoa instead of rice, stuffed peppers is definitely one of my favorite meals.  it's delicious AND balanced, with veggies, beans, and protein-rich whole grains.  after learning about all the crazy-awesome health benefits of quinoa (including being gluten-free), we've been trying to use it more in cooking, usually in instances where we would normally use white or brown rice (plus we found out that BJ's sells it in 2-lb bags for $5!! $2.50/lb is ridiculously cheap for this stuff!!)

we found this recipe on pinterest from One Lovely Life, but of course made some mods (because i think mr p is completely incapable of following a recipe word for word... which is totally not a bad thing though, because everything always turns out full of flavor and delicious!! ...unless of course its a baking recipe, then we're BOTH too scared we will mess it up if we change the recipe!!)

you can find the recipe for mexican stuffed peppers with quinoa and black beans here, but read on for our modifications and suggestions:

1. ortega taco sauce instead of red enchilada sauce
(might be the same thing? not sure, but taco sauce so good i could drink it, so we used that instead)

2. add 2 tsp cumin to quinoa/onion/salt mixture before boiling
(for some extra mexican-ish-ness)

3. added fresh sweet corn cut off the cob to the bowl before stuffing peppers
(just because we had it and needed to use it before it went bad.. added a nice hint of sweetness!)

4. add red pepper flakes, cayenne pepper, paprika, garlic powder to bowl before stuffing peppers
(we thought it needed some more pizazz when we tasted the mixture)

5. serve it on top of a dollop of guac
(again, simply because we had it already! but definitely a good add for the bits that fall out of the pepper while eating... mix up all the "leftovers" and scoop up with some scoops!!)

6. top with pickled (jarred) jalapenos or olives
(i used jalapenos, and mr p used olives. not sure about the olives, but the pickled jalapenos gave a nice hint of spice and tanginess)

i'm on day 3 of eating these things, and i'm still looking forward to eating my lunch, they were that good!


Dana said...

I am definitely trying this one! Also been trying to come up with a good reason to make Mr. P's home-made guac!

Melissa Blake said...

I'm not a vegetarian, but that looks good!! :)

Unknown said...

Oh. My. Goodness.!!! These look scrumptious....must try them, I normally stuff my peppers with bulgar wheat but these bad boys look WAYYYY better :o) x

Unknown said...

cute blog :) I just added myself as a follower:)


Unknown said...

I am a lifetime vegetarian...there are endless yummy options, believe me, I am a real food lover!
Those stuffed peppers look fantastic. x