Friday, May 18, 2012

insta-weeknight fun

who doesn't love a good happy hour?
especially when it's a benefit event?
makes you feel good about throwing down some good drinks ;)
perfect, sunny-and-70 weather for groove on grove at the PATH station :D

however, i was NOT a fan of getting lost outside of the world trade center PATH train, only to find my station i needed under construction, taking another train at another station, then switching to the train i needed in the first place, then going 3 wrong directions outside of grand central before going in the right direction (the only other direction) to get to Public House. (gotta love NYC)

WTC site.

but, when i walked in the doors, i got a warm welcome from my friends, and i was happy again :D
(too bad i was too busy seeing friends and making new friends i didn't take any pics... blogger fail )

but, i CAN tell you that we went there because our friend is raising money for Avon Walk for Breast Cancer


good luck, roquel!
(if you want to donate to her cause, click here )

after happy hour we went to bareburger , one of our favorite (and cheapest) sit-down places in the city.

so many sauces!


fried pickles that we accidentally DIDN'T get when my mom came to visit

ok ok, i didn't ACTUALLY get a burger this time. 
chicken for me, since we had so much fried food (or at least that's what i tell myself to make myself feel better about eating onion rings, fries, AND fried pickles)

(thanks again for dinner, guys!!)
so sad to see our friends move in a few weeks... but it's ok because they will be back in a few years :D

cheers to a great weekend ahead.
(with more plans to eat a lot and drink a lot.. wtf is wrong with us?? at least was have "intentions" of going to kickboxing each morning... we'll see how that goes :P)


Tracy said...

i love all of the creative pics that you took!

NewlyLoved said...

great insta - photos!
all that food looked so yummy

xo Jessica

Priya said...

What a fun way to look at NYC, through Instagram! Thanks for sharing!