Friday, August 10, 2012

recipe FAIL

i like to think that we are pretty good cooks.
( all of the recipes we've posted were full of 100% deliciousness, i promise)


there are times that we fail.

i don't think i've posted about a recipe fail before, and honestly didn't intend to either.

but, this one was totally worth it.

it was one of those nights where we just NEEEEDED something sweet.  like a chocolate cake. or chocolate something. but it's too late, and we're too lazy to get out of the house, etc etc etc... (you KNOW what i'm talking about)

anything i wanted to make called for too much sugar (we only had a half of a cup or so).  so i decided to do a microwave cake in a cup (GENIUS IDEA!!!)  we also didn't have eggs (how do you make a CAKE without eggs!?!?)  google told me i could grind up flax seeds, mix them with water, and simmer until they get nasty gooey like eggs.  we were desperate, so even though it was a crazy thought, i did it .  thinking i'm in the clear, the recipe comes to the point where we have to add the oil. what do you know? no veggie oil either.  (welp, i've gone this far, i might as well try olive oil).

note to readers: do NOT use olive oil in baking!! your delicious baked goods will NOT be delicious, and totally taste like olive oil.

now, i love a good olive oil... with bread, or drizzled on practically anything that also gets a dose of kosher salt and cracked black pepper.  but chocolate cake? no way.  just, no.

but, since i already made it... and went through such effort to get mr p his chocolate craving, we both swallowed it down (mr p gave me a very unconvincing "babe, IIIII think it's good")

lesson learned:
#1: do NOT use ground flax seeds and water in baking a cake (though more google searching told me that it's good to use as a vegan substitute in pancakes.. maybe?? ...i still have lots of gooey flax stuff in the fridge, so we might try it)
#2: ABSOLUTELY DO NOT use olive oil in chocolate baked anything (i cringe at the thought of that awful taste)
#3: sometimes it's best just to follow the recipe EXACTLY.  and we're totally giving the "cake in a mug in the microwave" idea another shot with the correct ingredients.  the idea of it still intrigues me!!

however, no-bake chocolate brownies using dates ?? total success. and i suggest you try.  maybe even try turning them into little balls? rolled in sugar or toasted coconut flakes instead of actual brownies?? my wheels are turning here....

cheers to the weekend! 
we have some NYC first-timers coming this weekend!! can't wait :D


Mimi said...

oh gosh, i've had my fair share of recipe fails, they're quite funny now that i look back at them, haha. ;) and yes, i've learned the hard way not to use olive oil in baking. ;)

<3, Mimi

Taylor Morgan said...

Hey Jenn! How are you? Just want to let you know you can get 10% off in my store today with code SILVERLINING. Hope you and the Mr. have a great weekend together :)



PAPS said...

Lol we do sometimes make vegan cakes over here. Olive oil!!! Nope never used that on cakes before.
Do you like to follow each other on GFC and bloglovin? Let me know will follow you right back.