Sunday, October 28, 2012

halloween 2012: 5 year olds for a night

mr p and i weren't going to dress up for halloween.
we were actually looking forward to just having a night in.
but... then our taekwondo school said they were having a party.
...and that everyone was going.

(well, if everyone's going....)

so, we went.  

we had no clue what to wear.  we sort of wanted to go as a couple, but we wanted our costumes to be not SO "couple"-ish, like we could have a cool costume even if we weren't connected at the hip the whole night.

somehow (pinterest, facebook post, something like that) i saw the idea to dress up as a school photo.

(no, not yourself dressed up in similar clothes from the school photo, dressed up as the ACTUAL photo)

this.   is.   genius!

mr p and i already have our kindergarden photos hanging up in our apartment, it's perfect.  plus, both of our pictures are pretty hilarious.  just see them below and judge for yourselves.

if you have gotten past those photos without smiling (let alone falling over laughing), there's something wrong with you.  i'm just making a funny smile, but mr p.... he's... in... a... tuxedo!!!

so since mr p doesn't want his (adult) face on the blog, here's how my costume turned out:

now for the WHOLE picture.

yep.  that's a spray-painted foam poster board straped to my back.  i did so good with it too, i didn't take it off until i got home!!

not everyone "got it" right away, so, thanks to a last minute decision and the idea from my mom, we decided to print 11x17 prints of our old pictures and tape them to the back so people could really see what we were doing.  see mr p's in action here:

those sweet costumes scored us second place in the costume contest, and $15 towards our next kickboxing payment! yayaya!

as for the rest of the fun costumes?  keep scrolling...

our favorite ghosts, with the best dance moves EVER (you're right charlotte, dancing under a sheet is SO much more fun! and looks WAY cooler)

myself, elliot and E.T., the other jenn, and dr. shots.....

the lovely audrey hepburn (and a side view of my costume in the background)

and... last but not least, the only costume that beat ours in the contest... karen:

talk about creativity!! and efforts!!
it's ON!
...and we're gonna win it next year.
(we better start planning now to beat THAT though!)

what did YOU do for halloween?
tell us about it!

(and stay safe, you east-coasters)

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