Monday, October 22, 2012

tacos and fried chicken

saturday after the hunt, friends from ohio came to visit.  we welcomed them to jersey city by taking them to some of the best tacos around, at taqueria!  double corn tortillas is the key to great tacos, and they serve double corn tortillas, indeed!

followed by zeppelin hall beer garden, followed by hollywood fried chicken (because really, people, sketchy ghetto fried chicken blows KFC outta the water).

it's a good thing we had an impromptu dance party until 2am after we got back to work off all those extra calories (or that's what i tell myself).  my neighbor insured me she wasn't home, so we cranked up the tunes, turned down the lights, stood on the furniture, and shaked our groove thangs.  i rocked the "strobe light" by spinning my mini maglight by the nylon handle, and charlotte showed some youtube DJ mixing skills i didn't even know were possible.

(i found out today how loud the music was when i wanted to turn on some quiet dinnertime music.  sorry to the rest of the neighbors who had to endure our obnoxious dance party, because our windows were WIDE open...)

tonight's the last night with our friends from ohio, and we are completely exhausted.... visit deemed a success!


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Dana said...

Aaaahhh beer garden + dance party!!! Soooo jealous! Hope you played the new Ke$ha song!