Tuesday, October 23, 2012

fall takes over neighborhood stoops

it's pretty hard to NOT get into the spirit of fall, when nearly every house in our neighborhood has pumpkins & mums decorating its stoop....

...those were just the ones we passed sunday morning while walking home from getting brunch with long lost friends who were in town.

not our stoop though.  it only gets 'decorated' with falling yellow leaves from the trees out front. mums thieves have ruined it for me! i'll just keep enjoying everyone else's pretty stoops that make our neighborhood look so adorable.



Darren and Alana said...

looks fun! I love those days. I love your blog I have been scrolling way back. I love your layout too.


Okie in Jersey said...

This is a huge reason I'd love to live downtown...not nearly enough stoops in the Heights!