Wednesday, October 24, 2012

ippudo, manhattan

when i heard my out-of-towner friends wanted to go to a ramen noodle place i was pretty excited (hey, i like ramen, i bet it's probably gonna be cheap too)....

that excitement lasted until ... i heard that the bowls of soup were $15!! why on earth would i stand in line for 2 hours and spend at LEAST 50-times more for a bowl of soup i can make at home? (mr p and i snagged two 12-packs for $2 each at walmart)

"well," they said, "this is different ramen."

(whatever, we'll go, it's not like i don't like it.. i'll eat it)

i'm here to tell you that THAT bowl of ramen was worth EVERY PENNY!

this place ( ippudo , near 4th ave and 9th st) seriously knows what they're doing.  why, you ask?

1. they make the broth from scratch.

2. they make the noodles from scratch.

3. they have a sign out front beneath their hours saying they will close early due to lack of customers OR because they ran out of broth . (i'm guessing this has happened in the past or something?!?)

4. they have over 4,000 REVIEWS ON YELP!

5. you could have a meal on JUST the pork buns (so good!!)

5. i might have been the only white customer in the place (that's a lie, there was a white family next to us, but you get the idea... there were a LOT of asians in there, so you KNOW it's good!)

6. they understand that it really sucks when there's an hour wait (or 2 hours, or 3 hours.. when we left they were telling people 2 hours minimum and it was a sunday at 4pm) and will take your phone number to text you that a table's ready.  as long as you get back within 5 minutes, it's yours. genius!

8. the bowls are deceivingly large.  mr p finished mine (after getting a second helping of noodles and finishing his first, of course :P  how does he stay so skinny!?)

8. service is amazing. food came out quickly, waters never went empty, check came quick, extra noodles came quick, and we still didn't feel like they were hovering over us.

ONLY bad thing:
strict policy that there is no take out , and no take home. so make sure you go there EXTRA hungry!

who wants to go back with us soon?
....a $15 bowl of ramen beats a $15 plate of spaghetti any day.. unless it's pasta at enoteca maria.  then it's a close battle.


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tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

So you know me. I would also have a difficult time paying the $15 ... I loooove me some cheap ramen. BUT, that sure does look amazing! Tell you what, you buy my first bowl and I'll go with you. :)