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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

picnic essentials for movies in the park

when our friends asked us to join them at "movies in the park" in van vorst park in downtown jersey city to watch grand budapest hotel , i couldn't help but think of the fairytale version of what it would be like.  tossing out the blanket in slow motion, pouring wine, eating from the iconic brooklyn slate cheeseboard, looking miraculously not-awkward and being lady-like in a cute dress while waiting for the sun to set and the park to fill with people....

movies in Van Vorst Park, Jersey City, NJ

our night didn't stray too far from that fairytale daydream.  we could have done without the movie skipping, and the hung-tries-to-steal-all-the-pillows-ing...   but ya know, you can't have it all ;)  it was the "being with friends" part and the "thankful we live in a place that does this kind of stuff" part that counts! (and the rhubarb-and-random-other-fruit crisp that i pulled together in tiny mason jars right before the movie... that was good too :P  that smitten kitchen recipe is SO easy and versatile!)


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

for my fellow fat-calved friends

 photo photo_zps2bc661a7.jpg

for someone unhappy with her size, you'd think I would be very excited to cover up this mess with some layers.   well, not this girl.  layers means pants that fit the waist (ugh), shirts that fit in the arms (ugh), and boots that fit the calves (double UGH).

i've had quite the troubles finding boots that fit my seemingly disproportionate calves.  when i look at myself in the mirror, i don't see fat calves.  but when mr p has to help me get my vince camuto boots on and off (thanks, babe), and when i go to umpteen stores to try on oodles of boots that just don't 'quite' zip up all the way... i know i have fat calves. or maybe designers just want skinny people with skinny calves to wear their boots.  it's all a conspiracy, i think (maybe like lululemon ?). or sort of like Abercrombie. in high school i was a cool medium at most stores, but couldn't fit into the XL at that perfume-gagging store. some boot-makers make 'plus size boots' under the 'politically correct' term 'wide calf', but lets face it.... just because i don't fit into your tiny 'normal' calf boots doesn't mean you need to go double the circumference on me....

so that's been my predicament.  i'm too 'fat' for normal boots, but my legs swim in those wide calf ones.


luckily, after no luck finding boots that fit, i needed something to make me feel good, so i went into Francesca's for some sure-to-please accessories instead.  then, there it was... an unexpected display of boots.  one last try? it doesn't hurt, right? i slipped one boot on, zipped it up ( ALL the way up), and still had room for about a finger or two, just enough for some leggings or skinnies.

lemme tell you, i felt like Cinderella putting on that glass slipper!! "it zipped!!" i screamed to mr p. "i'm getting them".  i didn't look at the price, i didn't check it they were real leather, i just took them to the register in pure joy.  they actually aren't real leather, but hey, even though they won't look as nice at least i don't have to weather-proof them ;) 

(they are the route 66 red zipper boot , FYI)

now that i've waited so long to find a good pair of tall boots, i've started wearing my combats more often. that's ok though, i hear booties and short boots are 'in' this year.  at least that's what my pinterest feed says.

am i the only one with this issue? the issue of fitting into normal-sized clothes but NOT normal sized boots???

i guess the smart thing to do would be to measure my calves at the widest part with a flexible measuring tape, the kind used for sewing, and do some shopping.  they have this great tool on the side where you can pick the calf circumference (genius!!)  but for now, i guess i will just enjoy what i've got: one classic pair of well-fitting boots.  i'll take it.


Monday, November 4, 2013

baby's breath for a baby shower

too cheesy?  no? didn't think so.  plus i'm pretty sure they are the best-looking flowers in vintage blue ball jars.  i just wish i would have bought a bouquet for each jar instead of splitting one bouquet between two jars.

last weekend we did our 14th drive to ohio this year alone.  this time though, it was for something that brings many smiles, a baby shower! mr p has a great group of friends that have known each other since kindergarten.  we visit with them when we can, but now that practically everyone lives at all corners of the country, it's tough to see each other all together.   as one of them brought to our attention this weekend, this will be the last time for a long time that everyone will get to see each other as a group, so it was an especially sentimental occasion...

we had so much food, it was practically an early "friendsgiving" with just a few baby gifts thrown in! no complaining from this side though, we've got some pretty awesome cooks on our hands ;) mr p and i contributed by bringing a fresh salad with our favorite dill dressing, and mr p made a pork loin with tzatziki sauce.

 photo WP_20131102_14_14_35_Pro_zps8604775c.jpg

 photo photo1_zpsab4d6867.jpg

 photo photo2_zpsabb5c6c3.jpg

 photo photo1_zps1564d4e8.jpg  photo photo2_zps11520060.jpg

 photo IMG957070_zpsa6ec2ec7.jpg

a few years ago, mr p and i bought a sesame street bedtime story book for my nephew that was a "record-a-story" book.  it was so fun recording it, and made us feel good that he could hear our voices during his bedtime story (plus mr p does a pretty hilarious batty bat voice).  i thought it would be a great idea to do the same for baby Gabbie, because everyone lives so far away and won't get to see the her as much as we would like to.  i picked up the ugly duckling from barnes and noble, and we gathered together on the floor and read away!

we can't wait for Gabbie to make her debut in just a few weeks!  congrats to the lucky parents :)

driving 8 hours for a baby shower might seem extreme to some people, but this weekend was just a nice weekend away, seeing friends and family and enjoying the beautiful pennsylvania autumn leaves on the way home.

 photo photo_zpsc280ef38.jpg


Sunday, October 27, 2013

sunny saturday in jersey city

for a while i was getting up early to walk in the mornings, just as the sun was rising, just long enough to get the blood flowing but not so much i was dripping sweat right before work.  i never went with a wallet, just me and my phone.  many days i would venture into the paulus hook neighborhood of jersey city, just so i could get a fun look at all the houses down there.  it's not that they are anything different from hamilton park/harismus cove, it's just that it's rare that i had a reason to be over there.

one morning i walked down morris street and spotted a new coffee shop, the smell of freshly brewed coffee flowing all the way to the end of the street.   WHY didn't i ever bring money with me!? that was at least a month ago, and i've been talking about how i want to go ever since.

 photo WP_20131026_10_27_34_Pro_zps6bde2f40.jpg

saturday was finally the day!
mr p and i woke up early feeling well-rested, so we decided to head over to sam a. m.  right away before any "rush" came in (because we all know weekend brunch is awesome around here, so awesome that there's often a wait...)  the sun was shining, the air was crisp, and it was just nice to get up and out, walking arm in arm on such a beautiful fall morning!! (to get all mushy on ya)

 photo WP_20131026_11_12_08_Pro_zps9ba5c797.jpg

we walked in, being welcomed by most of the workers, and found a 2-person table with our name on it (not really, but you know what i mean).  the entire sun-filled room smelled of smoked bacon, not even coffee.  my mouth was instantly watering!  we both ordered coffee, i chose a sammich with dates, caramelized onions, lettuce, and herby goat cheese, and mr p ordered the weekender, a classic breakfast of pan-fried potatoes, extra runny eggs, smoked bacon, and sourdough toast.

 photo WP_20131026_10_04_15_Pro_zps17fd1d7a.jpg

 photo WP_20131026_10_03_55_Pro_zpsfb357498.jpg

 photo WP_20131026_09_56_27_Pro_zps1f6b18be.jpg

 photo WP_20131026_09_53_27_Pro_zpseaa83a7f.jpg

that bacon is seriously the best i've ever tasted.  it was like eating a delicious campfire in my mouth... i'll be back just to place an order of bacon.. just bacon.  my sammich was just the right amount of sweet and savory, and the stumptown coffee was so smooth.  our waiter was so laid back and polite, and made us feel cozy and at home (as if the vintage-y, warm, sun-filled place isn't home-y enough)

 photo WP_20131026_10_27_25_Pro_zps95dfdaf6.jpg

...and for only $24 for breakfast for two, we will definitely be back.  we might just order coffee and bacon though.  maybe.


p.s. we went to our friend's house on sunday for our first time trying thirty acres catering...  it was insane, and i'll tell you about it tomorrow.

Friday, September 27, 2013

it's friday, and you're not allowed to wear jeans.

....something about a senator coming through the office or something? i would think he would understand that jeans are appropriate attire for those who work at a construction company, but you know, what do i know.  i guess it's not so bad when i decide to wear my extra-soft black cotton chinos (by "extra soft" i mean "today's my 5th day wearing these pants", i KNOW you know what i'm talking about)

regardless, the important thing about today is that it's Friday, and it's September.  that's a recipe for an awesome weekend (even if we're NOT a football house, GASP). 

so what's in store?

- a night in with mr p's best cooking skills: cider-brined and roasted pork loin. at $1.50/lb we couldn't say no to that 10-lb chunk of pig at BJ's!

- morning jogs and kickboxing. i'm determined to look GOOD when we go to barbados in november, it will be my first time in a bathing suit this year.  i know i'm gonna be pasty white, but at least i shouldn't be pasty white AND flabby (correction, "AS" flabby).

- an afternoon in the bronx... the bronx ZOO that is, no switchblade required.

i hope your weekend is as fantastic! i hope you do something that makes you smile.  if not, you can always come back here and take a peak at this lil guy.  camden's his name, and rawr-ing is his game.

 photo camdenrawr_zps8f5c11b1.jpg


happy Friday!


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

fall takes over neighborhood stoops

it's pretty hard to NOT get into the spirit of fall, when nearly every house in our neighborhood has pumpkins & mums decorating its stoop....

...those were just the ones we passed sunday morning while walking home from getting brunch with long lost friends who were in town.

not our stoop though.  it only gets 'decorated' with falling yellow leaves from the trees out front. mums thieves have ruined it for me! i'll just keep enjoying everyone else's pretty stoops that make our neighborhood look so adorable.