Friday, September 27, 2013

it's friday, and you're not allowed to wear jeans.

....something about a senator coming through the office or something? i would think he would understand that jeans are appropriate attire for those who work at a construction company, but you know, what do i know.  i guess it's not so bad when i decide to wear my extra-soft black cotton chinos (by "extra soft" i mean "today's my 5th day wearing these pants", i KNOW you know what i'm talking about)

regardless, the important thing about today is that it's Friday, and it's September.  that's a recipe for an awesome weekend (even if we're NOT a football house, GASP). 

so what's in store?

- a night in with mr p's best cooking skills: cider-brined and roasted pork loin. at $1.50/lb we couldn't say no to that 10-lb chunk of pig at BJ's!

- morning jogs and kickboxing. i'm determined to look GOOD when we go to barbados in november, it will be my first time in a bathing suit this year.  i know i'm gonna be pasty white, but at least i shouldn't be pasty white AND flabby (correction, "AS" flabby).

- an afternoon in the bronx... the bronx ZOO that is, no switchblade required.

i hope your weekend is as fantastic! i hope you do something that makes you smile.  if not, you can always come back here and take a peak at this lil guy.  camden's his name, and rawr-ing is his game.

 photo camdenrawr_zps8f5c11b1.jpg


happy Friday!



Kenya said...

That picture is adorable! Have a great weekend and enjoy the zoo. It is suppose to be gorgeous weather this weekend!

LeeLee said...

Have a great time at the zoo.