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Monday, November 4, 2013

baby's breath for a baby shower

too cheesy?  no? didn't think so.  plus i'm pretty sure they are the best-looking flowers in vintage blue ball jars.  i just wish i would have bought a bouquet for each jar instead of splitting one bouquet between two jars.

last weekend we did our 14th drive to ohio this year alone.  this time though, it was for something that brings many smiles, a baby shower! mr p has a great group of friends that have known each other since kindergarten.  we visit with them when we can, but now that practically everyone lives at all corners of the country, it's tough to see each other all together.   as one of them brought to our attention this weekend, this will be the last time for a long time that everyone will get to see each other as a group, so it was an especially sentimental occasion...

we had so much food, it was practically an early "friendsgiving" with just a few baby gifts thrown in! no complaining from this side though, we've got some pretty awesome cooks on our hands ;) mr p and i contributed by bringing a fresh salad with our favorite dill dressing, and mr p made a pork loin with tzatziki sauce.

 photo WP_20131102_14_14_35_Pro_zps8604775c.jpg

 photo photo1_zpsab4d6867.jpg

 photo photo2_zpsabb5c6c3.jpg

 photo photo1_zps1564d4e8.jpg  photo photo2_zps11520060.jpg

 photo IMG957070_zpsa6ec2ec7.jpg

a few years ago, mr p and i bought a sesame street bedtime story book for my nephew that was a "record-a-story" book.  it was so fun recording it, and made us feel good that he could hear our voices during his bedtime story (plus mr p does a pretty hilarious batty bat voice).  i thought it would be a great idea to do the same for baby Gabbie, because everyone lives so far away and won't get to see the her as much as we would like to.  i picked up the ugly duckling from barnes and noble, and we gathered together on the floor and read away!

we can't wait for Gabbie to make her debut in just a few weeks!  congrats to the lucky parents :)

driving 8 hours for a baby shower might seem extreme to some people, but this weekend was just a nice weekend away, seeing friends and family and enjoying the beautiful pennsylvania autumn leaves on the way home.

 photo photo_zpsc280ef38.jpg


Monday, October 21, 2013

full bellies and big smiles

 photo 2013-10-211_zps660c28af.jpg   photo 2013-10-213_zpsbb17353d.jpg

weekends in ohio can be summed up into those 5 words... full bellies and big smiles.

mr p and i drove 8 hours back to his hometown of cleveland.  yes, the drive usually sucks, but it's always worth it.  we always get to relax a bit, eat a lot, give lots of hugs... it's always a "feel good" weekend, and this weekend didn't let us down.

we explored antique stores on lorain (including the lorain furniture gallery and century antiques ) stuffed our bellies at west side market, ate mr p's mom's always-delicious cooking, and spent a few hours at the temple for a heartbreaking death in the family.

16 hours on the road for just over 24 hours in cleveland.

...and we're gladly doing it again in a few weeks!!

we might be crazy, but it's ok.  as long as we're happy that's all that matters, right?


Thursday, February 14, 2013

year of the snake

happy lunar new year!
mr p and i snuck out of jersey right after nemo on saturday morning and left for ohio to celebrate lunar new year with his family ...and my mom! she came to cleveland too!
(i know, went to ohio AHHH-GAIN, third time this year, but you gotta do what you gotta do when you live so far away)
 photo 8cd206fc-fa30-48ac-8f22-c125d69ced04_zps87a5c983.jpg  photo d725bae0-358d-4e33-9c34-875e101d6291_zps0c88b858.jpg
 photo 00aaf3a4-1a61-4041-b5ab-243bad442ed9_zps64b8b490.jpg
 photo 34ac605b-4c40-4353-960c-3bc7cfe1e4b4_zpsebe4fb9b.jpg
 photo fdc29cb9-81b7-479f-a263-e3f4fed6eff5_zps7a167404.jpg  photo 9d4df996-dbf7-4091-bf0c-3c5f2cc03974_zpsb86c75e4.jpg
 photo 1fcc15c5-468e-4a7f-b135-43279f4bf065_zps52c3decf.jpg  photo a9950aba-a87f-420c-bb0d-16730e349b2d_zps23966a4d.jpg
 photo c2f3d791-70ae-498c-8ee3-01a19feeeff4_zps5878cda2.jpg  photo f7293fac-be83-402b-811d-f20a149c7659_zpsca8e0f79.jpg
 photo 45832db9-a696-414a-a518-800622877bff_zpsba2aa82f.jpg
 photo 3d29164a-532d-4c18-9d55-0ab1c5fcec28_zpsee67d34d.jpg  photo dc4124b6-81b3-4ba1-b30a-31aa86f28688_zps6e771e56.jpg
 photo 2d0c50a2-b944-44f4-917d-af80fe116b11_zps3ad604e6.jpg
 photo 599cb3da-c9d9-4687-ae35-f85bc58f62c8_zpsb6e941f2.jpg

it was a blast though. the weekend was filled with babies, baby bumps, too much food, big hugs, tall drinks, belly laughs, casino-exploring, chinese-grocery-store-exploring, pho-eating, grammy's-watching, birthday-celebrating... it was nearly perfect.
happy (lunar/chinese/asian) new year!

Monday, February 11, 2013

it's hip to be square

 photo photo1_zps0ee70794.jpg  photo photo2_zpsebcb5a3a.jpg  photo photo3_zps449378e9.jpg  photo photo4_zps2bb27557.jpg  photo photo5_zpsfac7bca3.jpg  photo photo1_zps5c8b6ae3.jpg  photo photo2_zps9775dc9a.jpg  photo photo3_zps7e6ceb35.jpg  photo photo4_zps2e69a68c.jpg  photo photo5_zps5ce40d02.jpg  photo photo1_zps2cbb808a.jpg  photo photo2_zpsf0675488.jpg

1. homemade walnut butter made ONLY because i was too impatient to wait until i got my hands on some almonds.  pretty good, but homemade almond butter is SOOOO much better!
2. regular guac, but with mangos instead of tomatoes. perfect blend of sweet and spicy!
3. posing in the bathroom of barcade.. must have been after a shot (or two!) because that's totally not my thang.
4. 3 mcgangbangs.  yes, that's 6 $1 sammiches from mcd's (must have been after a bit more than 2 shots)
5. first snow that weekend was a dud.  now nemo? different story.
6. happy early EARLY birthday to mr p. we now have new mii's on his new wii u :)
7. the REAL snow during nemo... pretty, but delayed our weekend with family in cleveland.
8. funny story about mr p and this card from hoopla (i won't embarass him NOW though :P)
9. valentine's day card from a thoughtful friend all the way in sunny california!
10. mr p's family has some cutie patooties for sure!
9. ....just another cutie, i couldn't get enough of them this weekend!
10. pretty drive back to jersey city through the appalachians in PA :)

cheers, kiddos.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

thanksgiving road trip

i could just post a bunch of pictures from thanksgiving to show you how the big day went...


i could  tell you that we were too busy spending quality time with the family in ohio that i didn't even take a single picture of any thanksgiving festivities.  camera never came outta the bag.

well... except twice ;)

once to snag a seemingly-rare photo of just my mom and i... just before heading over to my cousins' house for thanksgiving #1  ON thanksgiving.

once to snap a picture of some food at thanksgiving #2 in cleveland ...this is one of my FAVORITE mama P dishes, fried rice with eggs, veggies, and special sausage... after she TAUGHT ME TO MAKE IT!!! now i've got some big shoes to fill... because this stuff is good .

instagram sufficed for the rest of the weekend ;)

1. drinking games with mr p's siblings. someone made me take TWO moonshine cherries at once :/
2. my snuggle buddy for the night... lil miss ellie.
3. my little buckeye watched the game all the way from florida! (ironically, with 4 men in mr p's family, mama p and i were the only 2 watching the game at that house...)
4. there was no hesitation in setting up the christmas tree. "after thanksgiving" MEANS "after thanksgiving", people!! 'tis the season :)
(p.s. it hardly looks any different from last year ! just the way i like it :P)

hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving weekend, too!


Monday, May 14, 2012

Phan-tastic Weekend

last weekend was...




that's what we always say when we do our "mini"-roadtrips to cleveland to visit mr p's giant family.  it always sounds easy to just leave after work, drive 7.5 hours to cleveland, spend some time with the family, then drive back.  and don't worry... we DO IT ... but that drive is just so awful.

driving there we are both excited and "try" to help each other stay awake (sorry babe... i never make it the last two hours), so it's not so bad.  it's on sunday, usually after an epic night of liberal libations , that we switch often, and do nothing but sleep in our non-driving time.

but... it's always worth it to see everyone's Phan-tastic faces.  especially when there's a big 30th birthday and mother's day to celebrate!

froyo!  with mr p's friends from KINDERGARTEN!

mr p, taking in the warm weather and sunshine

mr p's little sis had some bedazzled shoes
(the lights at lava lounge were perfect for sparkling up some sparkly shoes!)

...obviously everyone loved those bedazzled shoes :P

birthday boy got surprised by getting SWARMED with silly-string-armed grown men.

yum... cupcake: just ok.  
cream cheese frosting: literally "the icing on the cake"

some of the ladies of the night, with the bride-to-be on the right :D
congrats, alisa!

love you lovely ladies!

whoa!  mr p's "little" bro, and ANOTHER bride-to-be!!  congrats, mai!

but... despite the short weekend, we were still able to DEEP clean my car (poor thing needed it SO bad), do 3 loads of laundry, eat pho... TWICE , spend time with visitors from columbus, time with the siblings and the rents, too... all before driving back early afternoon on  sunday.

homemade pho... 

we eat a similar dish at nha trang around the corner from our house... but this is made with HOMEMADE rice noodles and HOMEMADE nuoc mam.

even after all the good food we ate this weekend, mr p couldn't resist...

crazy silly (but awesome) nephews

future engineer :D  my work clothes almost fit...

hello new jersey!  
we miss everyone already, but we're glad to be home!

one last big happy 30th birthday to the birthday boy
and happy mother's day to mr p's mama and my mama :D

now it's time for some of the Phan-tastic fam to come visit US!