Monday, May 14, 2012

Phan-tastic Weekend

last weekend was...




that's what we always say when we do our "mini"-roadtrips to cleveland to visit mr p's giant family.  it always sounds easy to just leave after work, drive 7.5 hours to cleveland, spend some time with the family, then drive back.  and don't worry... we DO IT ... but that drive is just so awful.

driving there we are both excited and "try" to help each other stay awake (sorry babe... i never make it the last two hours), so it's not so bad.  it's on sunday, usually after an epic night of liberal libations , that we switch often, and do nothing but sleep in our non-driving time.

but... it's always worth it to see everyone's Phan-tastic faces.  especially when there's a big 30th birthday and mother's day to celebrate!

froyo!  with mr p's friends from KINDERGARTEN!

mr p, taking in the warm weather and sunshine

mr p's little sis had some bedazzled shoes
(the lights at lava lounge were perfect for sparkling up some sparkly shoes!)

...obviously everyone loved those bedazzled shoes :P

birthday boy got surprised by getting SWARMED with silly-string-armed grown men.

yum... cupcake: just ok.  
cream cheese frosting: literally "the icing on the cake"

some of the ladies of the night, with the bride-to-be on the right :D
congrats, alisa!

love you lovely ladies!

whoa!  mr p's "little" bro, and ANOTHER bride-to-be!!  congrats, mai!

but... despite the short weekend, we were still able to DEEP clean my car (poor thing needed it SO bad), do 3 loads of laundry, eat pho... TWICE , spend time with visitors from columbus, time with the siblings and the rents, too... all before driving back early afternoon on  sunday.

homemade pho... 

we eat a similar dish at nha trang around the corner from our house... but this is made with HOMEMADE rice noodles and HOMEMADE nuoc mam.

even after all the good food we ate this weekend, mr p couldn't resist...

crazy silly (but awesome) nephews

future engineer :D  my work clothes almost fit...

hello new jersey!  
we miss everyone already, but we're glad to be home!

one last big happy 30th birthday to the birthday boy
and happy mother's day to mr p's mama and my mama :D

now it's time for some of the Phan-tastic fam to come visit US!



dreaming en francais said...

Wow, 7.5 hours of driving sounds intense but also would be worth it to spend time with the people you love! Looks like a packed but fun weekend! xo

Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

roadtrip, friends, great good. a successful weekend for sure!

Ashley Faye said...

Hey lady! I dig your blog, came here through cup of jo comments. I saw you asking about the best places to find meats and wanted to refer you to Chelsea Market, Dicksons meat stand. It's great, local, organic, safe and healthy meat! Cheers.

jenn @ beyond the stoop said...

thanks for the suggestion! if i don't make it there tonight, definitely tomorrow! who doesn't love a good stroll through chelsea market anyways, right?

Melissa Blake said...

Yay for lifelong friends! I've known some of my ffriends since elementary school and it's something I wouldn't trade for anything!

Anonymous said...

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